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Last Update: February 08, 2018

Year 2018 started to me quite active. first of all I boild up my personal goals for this year (i didnt do it for a wile), I started more and more searching for usefull information for me, what to learn, what to be interested, what to do to increase my income (find a side income).

I was participated in some free webinars, and traingings on different themes. and then I also got information about some scams. but I do not spend any money without research and check for reviews, and THIS was my way to WA :) I found Alex blog (https://blog.extra-paycheck.co...) where I read about that scam i mentioned before, and somehow (to be honnest, not realy recognized how) i was on WA page.

I am very thankfull to you Alex!

and now I am here, i go step by step in lessons, do all tasks, stop, and stack a lot, as everything is new for me, but I try.

would i change my decision now to become part of WA? NO definatelly no!

i do not earn eny money. sofar just spend (but not critical), but i count it as a cost for learning as that what I learned here so far (I am on end of Course 2), is incredible and I wont buy this knowledge anywhere else.

I still have some difficoulties, but i am working one that.

just wanted to share some words.. :)


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NigelClark Premium
Hi Lana,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and great to know you are making very good progress here at WA!

This is a great place and if you put in the time and effort you will definitely succeed.

If I can ever help, please let me know and good luck on your WA journey!

Best Wishes, Nigel
Leanita Premium
Hi Nigel,
Thank you for your words.
Ah...i have too many questions and help is needed, but first Itry ti check here, maybe someone already had this issue and here on WA already is an answer :)
Good luck