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Last Update: April 22, 2020

Hi everybody her is Lea. I was assigned to write about my experience. I can rightly say that very much how to write an article how to find keywords and add pictures to your articles. At first, I thought writing would be fatal for me. But the choice and arrangement of the images between the text was more difficult for me than writing, firstly I am a woman and secondly this image need to be the jewel to support the text. It was totally stressful for me. When I was instructed to add pictures then it took me two days to decide what kind of picture goes where

In fact, I'm very happy to have joined wealthy affiliate, people also immediately started to contact me which was a nice surprise. My web address is so far I have written 5 articles .

I have something to admit, my mother tongue is not English. But I was educated in Estonian.after high school I only studied English for one year. Later I learned independently, from movies and lately I listen to a lot of audio books. So I have a big request not to notice my correct writing skills. I use translator often.It's my way to step outside the box. To start wraiting blog in English

you are all divine beings do not forget this.


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Nice writing
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Thank you for your post.
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I'm impressed! You're website looks great! Thank you Lea.
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thanks, I like that you like my website
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You're welcome!