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Happy Women's Day, everyoneHello, International Women's Day. I wish all women good luck and men.At work today, a male colleague made me feel excellent all day, and I want to share that good mood with you. Namely, he told me a little story or even an anecdote that I will share with you here, and I hope you can laugh too.The story follows The man caught the goldfish, and the fish asked you to have three wishes. What the man was thinking about We have such bad weather in Estonia, and you could bu
December 26, 2020
My question to you would be what or who is Baidu, whether you have been exposed to such a thing before.For the first time from outside the Wealthy Affiliate, the platform came to me that you have received a comment on your article, which is need .acceptance.A delightful surprise and the review was also excellent.
November 04, 2020
I've been a Wealthy Affiliate customer for a little over half a year, and I started to wonder if my articles have gotten anywhere. And I discovered that so many of my articles have reached the first page.Walking meditation health benefits. | health workout ... 03, 2020 Walking meditation health benefits. this subject, I cannot overlook one person I greatly appreciate. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher who has done
To learn To learn To learn/Lenin/Hello to all wealthy affiliate familyI am pleased to announce that I have been here for 6 months. And don't regret for a moment, I've gotten a lot smarter, at least I think so myself.///I still have the irony of myself and I can tolerate a little humor////I recently listened to an audio book by Kevin Trudeau "Your Wish Is Your Command "How Anyone Can Make Millions.One of the stories he told haunted me, This story is about a monk who lived with him for a while
Hi here Lea I just got through fourth level training. And was given the impression that I should write about by experience which it gave me. So far I have written 19 articles. My website is where I am writing about health related topics so mental than physical health problems. Today I just found out that google has rated by one article or indexed and one article has also been indexed before HTTP
I'm really happy to have joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I've learned a lot and I'm going to learn a lot, you have very cool people in the community.My website is up and running and waiting for readers.I am very satisfied with my work, I couldn't believe that I could do it at all, that I would write and publish something, and that someone wanted to read my articles at all, then I realized that it would take some time before it happened.The central theme of my b
Hi everyone wealthy affiliate family I am actually very happy that I joined this learning site. I am fully immersed in the creation of my website. And I have to say that the training is perfectly up to date and very interesting, if I need help then my questions will be answered very quickly and people will be very helpful both to communicate and to help. Many thanks to everyone for their help and Kyle is also very cool. She probably doesn't have anything to surprise her anymore.I've learned a l
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I completed the third phase huraaaa so far i have learned more than i thought i think i am going to understand what it means to write a blog so far it has been very interesting
April 24, 2020
Hi Lea here I have a question long it will take if you change content consumer to far I am gone I myself think OK.I think I'm starting to like writing, which is a little surprise to me.thanks all that's it.
April 22, 2020
Hi everybody her is Lea. I was assigned to write about my experience. I can rightly say that very much how to write an article how to find keywords and add pictures to your articles. At first, I thought writing would be fatal for me. But the choice and arrangement of the images between the text was more difficult for me than writing, firstly I am a woman and secondly this image need to be the jewel to support the text. It was totally stressful for me. When I was instructed to add pictures then