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October 08, 2019
Hi everyone,I hope it's ok to ask for guest writers here on my blog. I asked over on Linkd, and got no answers. I would need you to write about anything baby boomer/senior related. No politics or religion, please. I can't pay. We can discuss other options.PS: my link is on my profile, "Enjoying the Second Half of Life" linnk inlude the title.Thanks in advance (TIA)=) Laura
Well, after being pretty much, MIA, it is back to work for me tomorrow. And I think I'm ready.Dad passed away the end of July. The cancer got the best of him. I had him put in hospice, he passed that night. He had been unresponsive for a week. I keep telling myself he's no longer in pain. That helps sometimes.Four days before his funeral, I wound up in the hospital, twice, with a list of issues. Kidney stones, which I'm currently waiting on one more to pass. Mrsa,and a UTI. I believe I
June 26, 2019
Too busy. Unfortunately not with SAC. Back in Febuary my dad had a heart attack as well as pneumonia. The important thing is, after about 2 1/2 months he is back home, and is out of his wheel chair.My reason for writing this is, I have had to take a lot of time off from SAC. Imagine trying to get 2 months or so off from a 9 to 5 job-wouldn't be happening. I got fired from my last job for deciding to bring my dad home to live with us. Owning your own business is a lot of work, but I was a
May 20, 2019
If anyone needs to get a hold of me, please do so in PM.I am done with chat and will no longer be going in there for help, etc.. This last week, only one of my questions were answered, and I was told that my question wasn't fit for life chat. WTHI'm too tired for the drama, and I'm too old for the clicks.I have friends, whom have also quit going into chat, that are there for me when I need help. So thank you to you guys, y'all have all my love,Very disappointed,LCEndahl
May 13, 2019
I am only 2 posts away of the needed minimum of 12 posts for SAC. I will finish this month's training by the end of the week. Yet I feel so...oh whats the word I'm looking for? Soooo, lost? But I do have a whole brand new site. Two in fact. I'm still waiting to be indexed, but in time. It's been a roller coaster ride in my life the last 2 1/2 months, maybe that accounts for my feeling. Deep breath here....One more week to tie up any loose ends. I hope everyone is getting this months SA
This month has really rocked for me. I won't go into all of it. BUT I did get accepted into Kyle's SAC, that's a new beginning for me. I have a direction again. I tend to lose my way often, especially when A LOT of real life stuff happens.Anyways, I was following our first month SAC training with the idea of using a website I already had, but really hadn't done much with. Cool, right? LOOOOSER BUZZZER sound, the site were loading so slow. The lowest speed was 49, and the highest 62. I d
Again, WOW. With everything that has been going on in my life this having a heart attackpneumoniaUTIgetting him out of ICU (sedated for a week)now trying to get him in a different nursing home rehab and have him get his strength back, so that he can retutn homeBEFORE all of the above he was going to marry a woman that was only with him for his money'they' were going to get a place together (neither of them are well enough to care for themselves, let alone each other)another family
I had it planned to reach 750,000 monthly views over on pinterest by Friday, but got that Monday. Just hopped on there and BAM! Yup, that's 1.1 million! And YES I am finally getting traffic on my site. Last time I checked it was 629. But the good newws stops there. No sales from this traffic. What am I do wrong???NOW HOW DO I TURN THOSE visitors into revenue??? The only cash I'm earning thus far is from Googlr AdSense.Stll stoked about my pinterest numbers.Laura
January 16, 2019
Most people dislike Mondays. What I really hate is having a 'Monday' on a Wednesday, or any other day that isn't a Monday. Woke up to no water. Yeah.. They turned the neighborhoods water of for some maintenance, would've been nice to ave known about this ahead of time. Byt Shelbyville doesn't run on common sense.BUT WA brings a smile to my face, because when I was finally able to log in--still without water, but I not only broke 200, but I'm at 159. I had pretty much given up last month b
January 08, 2019
I've been doing my bootcamp training. Kinda fell off that wagon last 2 months of last year. I could feel my ambition was gone. And when I couldn't come up with any goals for the new year, thats when I went searching.I know by just looking at my bookshelf, that buying any self help books to read, well would just join all the others on the bookshelf. Being unread. So I got a few books downloaded. I got tired of the first one, when he spent like 10 minutes trying to sell you h