How To Write A Business Email That Converts!

Last Update: September 18, 2020

In this article, I want to look in detail on how to write a business email that converts. I think many of us miss out on what we could achieve because we do not spend enough time on this.
We seem to quickly write an email so we can hurry and hit the send button. I understand the reasons for this too.

We are busy in our business and many times have a to do list that includes "send out an email to my list"! Obviously the fastest way to do that is sit down, write out a quick email, and hit the send button.

I think we all know how important email marketing can be when it comes to influencing the growth and success of a business. However, to successfully accomplish this in your business, you need to make email marketing priority #1 through some necessary effective steps.

List Building

Ever since I can remember I have been reading about how important it is to have an email list. OK! fair enough, it makes sense that no list means no need to write and email that converts.

- The first step in an email marketing campaign is to lure people into joining your marketing list.
- The next step to follow apart from enticing people to join your list, is to ensure that they open your emails.
- The last step to follow in your email marketing campaign, is for you to make sure people click on the link in your email body.

With that in mind, let us have a look at some of the ways on how you can utilize email marketing to your business advantage. Our simple goal is to get a conversion from the email we send out.

    Use Email Retargeting To Generate Offers

    Knowing your clients' interests is critical for your business success. Through email marketing you have the advantage of understanding some of your clients’ interests.

    You can then offer them products or content related to their interests. Thanks to email retargeting, you can track some of the most visited products or page in your site by your subscribers as well as all traffic. You are then able to send offers based on their interests.

    Subject Line

    The first thing your subscriber see is the subject line. They will decide whether to open your email based on it.

    I like to think of a subject line in terms of benefits to the reader. How will they benefit if they open the email!

    There is an old saying in marketing around the radio call letters WIIFM. What's in it for me.
    Use words like, "you are missing out, urgent, the next 3 days only, don't open this email, and so on. Personalize it with their first name if your autoresponder is set up for that.

    Introducing Offers On Products

    Enticing a client into buying your products is not that hard as you might think. There are various effective ways to go about it and through email marketing, promoting or coming up with an amazing offer on your products or services is one of them.

    Clients will be more willing to open your emails once you start offering them amazing irresistible offers, such as discounts, or if you give out free products. Your goal is not always to sell in every email. Sometimes just using an email to drive traffic to a new blog post would be a successful conversion.

    Clean And Well Designed Content

    Come up with a well-designed email. Your goal is to allow your subscribers to easily read the email.

    In your email design, use elements such as headers, images, a menu, and even sidebars. Be consistent in every email to allow for branding and familiarity.

    Make the email as easy to navigate as possible. If you have doubt about what to include, less is usually better.

    Subscribe to your competitor's email lists and see what they are doing. Do not copy them, but build on it to make your own emails better.

    Make Your Copy Short And Precise

    When detailing your products or services, most of us tend to use longer emails to make sure we do not miss anything. Long copy is better saved for a blog post or web site page.

    Email marketing conversation rates improve with shorter or minimum copy. To keep your emails short, and get better conversation rates, put your main focus on product promotion or discounts for your subscribers.

    You may have a significant number of readers who have subscribed to your email list for useful information. Maintaining a short and precise detailed copy is essential if you’re a looking for a business email that will convert.

    Introduce A Sense Of Urgency

    Knowing how to utilize urgency in business marketing is not a move many individuals can accomplish in their need to come up with a converting business email. A good way of incorporating a sense of urgency in your content, is by language that encouraging your readers into taking action soon.

    Need a detailed study on how to set up your content for you email marketing campaign?

    Go here!


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