Social Media and Interruptions

Last Update: April 12, 2020

Well this week has all been about Social Media and Interruptions, but not in the way that you may think.

A Positive Interuption

Yesterday evening (UK time) the WA platform was unavailable for about an hour. Initially this caused me panic because I had literally just finished a 2000 word post within SiteContent and wasn't convinced it had been saved.

I had actually had several warnings that the platform wasn't saving my content in the hour leading up to the total outage. I'd simply copied the content onto the clipboard and retried the save until it worked.

What's the positive? Simply the amazing technical support from WA! Our sites were unaffected by the outage and within about an hour we were back up on running, with both Kyle and Carson jumping onto live chat to explain the situation.

How many other owners of a multi-million pound company would do that?

Oh by the way, my article was also fully intact!

Social Media

Having reached OCE level 4 lesson 1, it was time to sort my social media presence in regard to my 3 websites. Yes I know, I probably am biting off more than I can chew. But I Like to challenge myself!

Twitter was simple. I had used it before very slightly and just had to refresh myself on how to set up accounts etc.

Facebook was not too difficult for 2 of my sites. 2 new pages all good. The problem came on the third site! See one of my niches is actually my partner's part-time business for the last 15 to 20 years and she uses FB to sell her wares locally. It was now time to merge the niche website and the current business together and that meant rebranding the existing FB page.

Pinterest was the real challenge! I had never used it before and I couldn't even envisage how I would use it. Setting up accounts was not too bad, to be fair and then came my first PIN.

Bang. I did it! With the help of Raymond! His training linked below was simply great and whilst I didn't actually use the tools he mentioned, I was quite able to create my first PIN with

Happy Bunny

Yep. I'm a happy bunny! Several posts have been written and shared across all 3 social media platforms and the businesses are really starting to take shape.

Talking of happy bunnies!

Happy Easter Everyone.

Please Stay Safe!

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Cheenzie Premium
Congrats Laurence for the progress and for using your time wisely.
Yes the team here is great. Each time I have messaged site support, I literally have never waited more than 5 min for a response!

I watched all the pinterest videos from Jay so this was a great add on.

The video is not very clear and I am unable to validate my RICH PIN. Did you just type in your WA website URL?

Thank you!

LawrenceHill Premium
Yes Cynthia. It was just the website URL, I believe
Cheenzie Premium
Its says it can not find the website.
LawrenceHill Premium
Is your website in your Pinterest business page profile and have you claimed your website by verifying it with Pinterest?

I would assume that Pinterest would need that done first before allowing rich pins!
Cheenzie Premium
Hey Lawrence. yes it is and it still doesn't work. Maybe I will message rbaxter80 directly.

Thank you anyway:)
Mick18 Premium
Same here, I was writing in Site Content and concerned if it had saved my progress. I had to keep hitting the save button over and over. It wasn't looking good. But all is well.

Have a wonderful week,
LawrenceHill Premium
Thanks for your reply! It's worrying because you think it's your PC etc, and don't automatically recognise that it is a problem that everyone is having.

Have a great week . Good Luck
Jonny89 Premium
Fantastic progress and happy to hear you did not lose your material. Happy Easter
LawrenceHill Premium
Thank you Jon.

Don't eat too many chocolate eggs! ..But enjoy!
CCelest Premium
Great post. Thank you for sharing Lawrence.
LawrenceHill Premium
Thank you Carol