Failure and Frustration

Last Update: Apr 2, 2020

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Apologies for the negative title, but we have to be honest!

The fact is I am failing at the moment and that is causing frustration which is causing even more failure.

11 days ago, I set myself 10 targets split across for the end of March, April, June and September. And I have either failed or am seriously struggling on 3 of those.

What Were the Goals?

I had only set myself 1 target for the end of March

  • A total of 16 Posts on each website (currently 10)

But I had also set myself 2 relevant posts for the end of May

  • 12 internal WA Blogs (currently 5)
  • A total of 100,000 words on site content across two websites (currently 27,984)

So by doing a few calculations, I should have achieved :-

  • 2 further WA blogs.I have only done 1. I am 5 days late doing this one.
  • 12 new site blogs. I managed to do 6.
  • 1,845 words per day. I am currently managing 1,160

Distractions - Reasons for Failure

It really is as simple as that. But they are distractions that have seriously affected my ability to be effective.

Covid-19 is the main distraction and reason for my failure. Whilst I may not have been struck down with it (luckily) it has effected every part of my life

  • My partners small part-time business has all but collapsed. We had a fantastic valentine's day and mothers' day (UK has a different mothers' day to most of the rest of the world) and a full order book for local deliveries and collections for Easter. It is impractical for us to send out 5ft Bunny balloon sculptures in the post, so we are currently only doing some small Easter treats.
  • We have had my step-daughter with us for two solid weeks due to her fathers partner having symptoms. We normally only have her for 1/2 the week. Has a young teenager she has been worried about covid-19 and missing her father.
  • My father and mother (separated) are both self isolating with no face to face contact with me or my sisters.
  • Both me and my partner are on the high-risk list having no immune system between us.
  • We have a close family and usually see sisters, kids, nieces and nephews and grandkids at least twice a week.
  • Several members of my family are out there still working as key workers. 2 sisters work in care, whilst a step-son works as a truck driver.

Of course with worry, whether it be financial or health based, or whether it be because of your own situation or others close to you, comes a lack of concentration. An ease to be distracted

  • Every time I set out to do some work, the cat sits right there on my paperwork, licking her bits
  • Each time the news comes on, I have to watch for the latest developments
  • The phone pings from family or social media notification, I have to check

And of course each time I fail to hit a target, I get even more frustrated and that effects my stress level and my ability to work effectively

  • Sleep is literally non-existent with worry. I literally had nightmares last night for the first time in a very long time.

Setting Goals Too High - Reasons for Failure

In truth, I have probably over-estimated my abilities and set my targets too high.

Was 1,800 words a day really possible? Was 12 posts over 10 days for 2 websites really achievable?

Well when you look at Carson. It certainly is! I am in awe of this guy and true credit must be given to him.

But I must recognise my limits. The truth is Carson is far more experienced than me and I am just a mere beginner starting out.

I do organise myself, but I am expecting too much of myself at this stage in my training.

Here is a pic (we all love pics!) of my to-do-lists for last week. Including a daily WA check list which is simply pushing me to my limit.

Putting Things in Perspective

No matter how much moaning and b!tching I have done above, I must put things in perspective. Yes covid-19 is effecting me and my family but I haven't lost anyone. I am lucky. I don't even have anyone currently infected.

Heck! even without covid-19, life is still going on and people are still suffering a lot more than me. I need to be grateful for what I have and the opportunity that is in front of me.

Poor Fiona's nephew is not so lucky!

Fiona is one of our WA community, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family at this very tough time.

Staying Positive

The fact is, I woke up this morning feeling very deflated but with a mission to get over it.

I set myself a daily target of completing my WA tasks and writing this blog.

I had also got 29 site comments to sift through and reply, approve, or reject from articles I submitted last night to site comments.

A curve ball of course occurred. Life is full of challenges. Of those 29 comments, only 1 was written by a native English speaker, some had to be edited and two had to be rejected because they were just incoherent or would have resulted in duplicate content.

But I achieved it all - Today has been a success, even though I have not written any content for my sites.

Positive Distractions

One thing I have done positively over the last 10 days is to create a whole new site from the beginning within the political niche.

Poor biased media coverage has frustrated me for a while, and I found it unforgivable during this covid-19 nightmare. So I have started a campaign against the media corporation concerned.

In addition, as I stated earlier, my partner has managed to still create and send out some Easter Treats. Ain't they cute!!

Distracting myself in a positive way has helped, but also gave me more work to do in the long run.

Moving Forward

I need to move past my failures and reset my targets. But to be honest I'm not quite sure how. I know I have to be realistic but I also have to challenge myself.

How do you all get past your own failures? How do you turn them into success stories?

Recent Comments


Hi Lawrence, I’m impressed from what you have done, for me you did not fail, and don’t get frustrated, because a lot of people couldn’t do half of the things that you did. If this time you didn’t reached your goal, the next goal you will surely achieve it!
Stay safe and healthy

Thank you Chih

Your words are much appreciated

You’re welcome Lawrence!

A fantastic, honest blog and you are most definitely not are taking action, better yet you're identifying the places where you would have liked to have done more, defined the reasons you didn't and are adjusting yourself.

I'm a total newbie and at all this so I'm afraid I can't actually offer advice on WA yet but I have had my fair few failures. Now I realise a failure isn't a failure, its an opportunity to learn, a new starting point and an opportunity to pivot.

Thanks and stay safe!

Great words Cat. Thank You

Stay Safe !

Hi Lawrence, I don't think you have failed. The fact you did not reach your goals is not a failure considering everything that's been going on around you I think you were simply expecting too much of yourself.
In an ideal situation you probably would have managed and then some.
Do not get discouraged.
Take care, stay safe and stay well.


Thank you Wilson for your kind words.

Today is another day!

Stay Safe my friend

Just because you set high goals and try but do not reach them does not mean you failed. I would soon set high goals and not reach them than set some safe and easily managed goal and achieve it. Why? Because you still get more done and at least if you tried to reach your goal you tried

Thank you Byron.

We must test ourselves to stay alive and feel alive.

Here's to our continued success

I must say I think you are achieving a great deal with all of those distractions, least of all the cat (mine is always sitting on my computer when I have some important work.

But, anyone of us at WA has a lot to be thankful for as we all have positive goals and 'to do' lists during COVID-19 lockdown. This is compared to the many memes and jokes circulating about people stuck at home with nothing to do. Also, you have a household of people and pets as anyone I have spoken to who lives alone and is housebound (especially the over 70's) are getting lonely.

Keep going and writing you are doing a great job, tomorrow is always another day.

(I am exactly like you an endless list of 'to do's' and I always feel I haven't achieved anything, yet when I look back things are happening slowly, one bit at a time).

Good luck balancing your life, you can do it,


Thank you Alexandra.

Your wise words are appreciated.

I have every intention of piling through those to-do-lists and getting all the small 5 to 15 minute jobs done today and then rewriting the lists etc .. Should cut it down a lot!

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