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Last Update: October 12, 2016

I am a newbie. Still making my way thru Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp. Since I signed up for the free website to help start an online business. However, as I am sitting at my desk, reflecting on my personal progress up to this point. I can not help but notice a subtle change in myself. I have always considered myself to be a highly motivated and positive person but something inside me is different. Up until tonight, I could not make sense of what it was. There was a slight pep in my step.

Since I was a kid, waking up early in the morning for me have never really been difficult. I am a morning person. Staying awake at night, now that is another story. Midnight might as well be 3 a.m. It all looks the same when your eyes are closed. I had always attributed this to the fact that I get up and going so early. But now, something is different. My routine has changed.

People around me have noticed too. Everyday this week, at least a couple times per day say " Tye, Your in good mood today." My wife and kids were the first to notice, but now there co-workers, suppliers, and complete strangers have been seemingly going out their way to pay me a complement about my attitude or my change in behavior. I had been kind of dismissing the idea that I had done anything different at all.

I realize now, what has changed. And that is my mindset. The Wealthy Affiliate Community as a whole has indeed nurtured a subtle, but profound change in the way i approach each day. Instead of going thru the whole day, subconsciously thinking about the multiple task that need to be or should have already been done. I am now shifting my thinking from "what can i do this get this done?" or "who can I get to help me get this done?" Into something completely different. "How can I help someone else?" or "I wonder if this will help Joe finish his project faster?"

It is a subtle change. But a change that I can see is contagious. I can also see the subtle change in the people who are the closest to me and I love it.

Amazing is the word that comes to mind. The Wealthy Affiliate community attitude has indeed taken over me. It is amazing to me that in such a short period of time, i could be affected like this. This community is a blessing. There is always a positive, helpful and kind recipient on the other end of every conversation, massage, or question asked. Being a part of something so special is rare in this world today.

The sense that no matter how difficult the challenge is for you, someone is there to help. Experience, Race, Nationality, Education, Social Class all go out the window in this community. It is truly empowering for everyone, especially the newbies, like myself. Where doubts can sometimes creep in and demolish someones confidence and prevent them from achieving their personal goals and dreams. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where everyone's dreams can come true, all they need was a little help to get there.

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stn67 Premium
could not say it better myself. When I met it here I was on the verge of giving up. I did not get something real out of the efforts I made. Entrepreneurial spirit is very strong here.
LastRhino Premium
Yes it is
SusanneH1 Premium
Yes, this truly is an amazing community, isn't it? Staying in touch means a lot both when it comes to motivation and mindset as well as education.
LastRhino Premium
I couldn't agree more with you. It's really hard for me to think of any place that inspires, motivates, and teaches me more. Just to be a part of the community, to me is worth the monthly subscription. I went at this alone for a whIle and it was very hard, however, since finding WA - it has been like the difference between night and day. :)
bbqfirepit Premium
Welcome to the family! May you be very successful!
LastRhino Premium
Thank you. And you as well!