Why I'm here?

Last Update: March 27, 2018

The answer is not have the right now. Because not ready yet. Success is never go away only long-term and shot team. No matter how? Love it to learning. You don't know how is tomorrow. But you can be ready tomorrow. So I'm here relax. Learning new skills.

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Flash4 Premium
Well you are only a child aren't you? well you look very young....
just joking....
For some of us (me too) it is a slow journey, this technology is new to us, and takes some learning. Kids though learn by doing, they don't ask how to do it, they just fiddle with things and finally know how it works. Maybe we should try this method, if it doesn't work then that is the wrong way, try another.
I know English is not your 1st language, so it is doubly hard for you. Finally you will improve.
I understand ☼
Cheers Jae
LouisaB Premium
How true!
Larmu, I 'm happy to have you a member of the WA community.

All of the learning is right here at your disposal. Take your time

and grasp all you need to build a successful online business. You're doing great. Keep going! Try different tactics. Learn and do all tasks.

If you need help or ideas just let me know!

Blessings! Louisa B
remapot3 Premium Plus
Hi, larmu

You are in WA because this place will help you to grow your future, which you wanted. This is your idea to Join the club, shape your business by yourself and asking questions members and Trainers.

My advice is, train yourself as much you can to reach your goal. I love this place surrounding lots of shadows. So, you are in right place and good luck my friend.
buffetearns Premium
Nice words!