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Some information on making money onlineIf you decide to make money on line you first have to do somethingBy joining WA is a good first step:2nd step complete WA boot camp: Here are some short hand information that also might help.Traffic Strategies Acquiring back links (off page SEO) Fourm MarketingWebsite Optimization (one page SEO) Paid ReviewsArticle Recruitment Website AdvertisingAffiliate Marketing Ezine AdvertisingList Building Viral MarketingVideo Marketing Software Down LoadsPress relea
First of all technology is making it easier than ever to watch your favorite programs at your leisure. If you are paying anywhere from $150.00 to $225.00 per month on your cable, dish , or direct TV, I have some tips for you.My wife and myself take pleasure in watching TV together, My wife watches Mystery Dramas and I like to watch News, History, Discovery, SCI and the NASA Channels.We found in order for us to fulfill our TV Watching desires we ended up paying around $198.00 a month. We took in
September 26, 2015
Meta TagsTo improve your search engine rankings, include a myriad of keywords, including misspellings of keywords, in your meta tags. Search engines will find analyze these meta tags and you will increase your visibility. For example, say your site’s keyword is “cat food.” In addition to “cat food, you could use rabbit,” “kitten food,” and “cat chow.” Your site has to be entertaining if you want a successful website.These two things can help
I found another tool to add to your niche search arsenal. Google Trend Search I hope this will add to your marketing.
Hide or cloak your affiliate URL using TinyURL Are you posting something that you don't want people to know what the URL is because it might give away that it's an affiliate link? Then you can enter a URL into TinyURL, and your affiliate link will be hidden from the visitor, only the address and the ending address will be visible to your visitors.I have found this to be very useful cloaking device. This will help you cloak your Wealthy Affiliate banners and your Affiliate links. Ti
This is about being able to start your online business without any up front cost. Wealthy Affiliate offers training on how to set up a web site along with an initial free web hosting. The Affiliate Boot camp is top notch and gives a step by step training. From helping you identify an online niche to instructing you on how to build your own WordPress website for free. The use of a key tool helps you narrow your niche search and a rapid writer gives an additional tool to help write a blog for you
October 10, 2014
If you are anything like me I find it difficult to keep up with all of the training, questions and answers. That is why the first item of business is to make a folder in your computer Wealth Affiliates. Where you create this folder is up to you. Just make sure you create it where you can find it later on Also create another WA folder in your email inbox. After thisI Use my notes you can either email this note page to you or save it to your folder save these to your folder. Everyone is differ
October 08, 2014
Somtimes asking the right question is all we need to do inorder to find out correct answer. Do not Despair answers are everywhere. Just keep asking the right questions. Just go to Wealthy Affilate;s Boot camp, Certication Courses,and Class Rooms. Most questions can be answered in these areas.
October 03, 2014
Being Skeptical Do not do what I did and procrastinate. I was skeptical because of the crap on the internet. So, I signed up and I had to see for myself if this was real or not.... That is just me.Now that I have waited and seen I am getting with it. This is not your average work from home program. I am just one of those people that question everything. Sometimes this keeps me out of trouble and sometimes this makes me miss opportunities. Either way this program at WA is very forgiving and if y
September 28, 2014
Beware of the scams out there. They are all over the internet. There are a lot of programs out there claiming to make money on the internet. The come in the name of Home base businesses. There are some legitimate on line businesses but the ones offering quick income are just not telling the whole story so be careful. Because it is the Wild West out there on the internet.
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