Yay! Earned 1st Certification!

Last Update: November 16, 2017

After months of not really doing anything with WA, we finally decided to dig into it. I will be the main one working on it, as I have more time since I was laid off work in March. I was searching for work to do at home and just couldn't find what I really wanted to do. I decided I might as well see if I can make this happen. Perrie will be helping out, but he doesn't have as much time. So here I am ready to continue with the training... Had to go back and finish up course 1 and now ready for course 2..


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GomMagtibay Premium

Looking through your profile picture here, I wonder if you are the male, or the female?
landjent Premium
Sorry I didn't get to you sooner... Ya, I guess it would be a bit confusing. I am the female...Lynn. My husband is Perrie. This is a joint venture, but I am the one that has more time to do this so most of what you see from us will be from me... I am slowly moving along. I want to do it right so I make sure I do each step of the lessons. I'm definitely learning a lot.
Sorry for the confusion.....