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Hi Everyone!!Well, Remy and I have arrived at the end of Section 2 of the Training........About time we say!!I have to admit that my boy (Remy) has been waiting for some time now for his dear Mother to catch up and get with it! Well here I am, Rem! I am pretty excited to be up to the stage of finding out how to make money from our sites. We both are!Highlights of our time at WA so far :Meeting many beautiful and generous people!!. I have to say, too...There are so many really smart people here!
Very excited (along with my 12 year old son) to have just completed the 1st 10 lessons! We love it so far and look forward to more success, more knowledge and being able to help others..It has taken a bit longer than we hoped, but I am proud of how we have done so far. Little by little we are moving towards our goals. I want to thank all the lovely people in this community for the support and care shown (especially Roope Kiuttu, Kyle and Carson) to us . It is easier to maintain a successful min