Moving forward with my plans

Last Update: September 11, 2018

I joined WA because I have a dream or more like a vision about my future. My goal is to slowly work to make my 3 dreams come true.

It is very important that you set your goals. Realistic goals and also your dream goals. And don"t think that it is a fast process because it hardly ever is. My goals are made for 3 to 5 years at the time. And you can have smaller goals duringyour journey, but keep your mind focused so that you can reach your final goals.

My number one goal is to feel better both emotionally and physically. And that is hard but I can do it.

Second goal is to become a influencer online and to have my own community both in Youtube and Instagram and my blogs are there to support these goals.

Last goal is to make money with my online business. My ultimate goal with money is 1000€/month cash and at least two brand deals with free products per month.

So be realistic be patient and dream big.


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DebbieRose Premium
Great goals.. We have to take care of ourself first...then share and help a larger community and monetize it when possible. The best to you in these endeavors.
lakesidemom Premium
Thank you