I've Just Upgraded My Premium Membership, Have You?

Last Update: Dec 2, 2013


Hello WA Community,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I made the decision to take advantage of Kyle's Black Friday offer. I thought about it over the Thanksgiving holiday, and even though the cost of the annual membership is a bit of a challenge for me, it was a no-brainer to go ahead with it.

What made me decide to go for the annual membership? Several factors:

  1. Cost savings-- I would have been paying $47/month x 12 months=$564 per year. With the annual membership, I will be paying $299/year, which will save me $265 ($564-$299) What's even greater is that I was charged a prorated amount of $255 for the year only because I still have 28 days left on the current billing cycle.
  2. The exclusive video that Kyle will offer only to those who upgrade to annual membership.
  3. I really want to give myself a chance to succeed at making money online--I am willing to devote a year to learning with WA.

I do not know what the future holds, but I do know that if I don't make the commitment to work on my online business now, I probably will not succeed. If you are on the fence as to whether or not to upgrade to annual membership, think about how much you really want to succeed. If money is an issue, you can always keep paying the monthly membership, but why end up paying more when you can pay just once for the year?

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Thanks Deidre. i was wondering the very same thing!

Thank you Deirdre, I am thinking about this. I just became a member paying $ 19 for the first month, and $ 47 for the remaining months. A yearly membership gives you huge savings. I am very low in funds, but somehow I will have to find a way to do this. You see, each $ is 1.80 in our money here so $ 300 would be f. 540,.

Hi Cynthia,
I fully understand where you are coming from in regards to not having a lot of funds. At the time when Kyle had made this offer, I too did not have a lot of money and I hesitated whether I should upgrade to annual premium. I decided to do it, praying that I was not making a mistake.
To this day I am glad I went ahead with it because I am saving money in the long run. If you have to save up some money for this, then do so. Or continue to pay the monthly fee until you are ready to upgrade. The most important thing is that you are already a Premium member, so you have access to all WA has to offer.

I like your statement, because I don't have the funds right now to put out a lump sum.

Yes indeed ... Once you have committed then will need to persist and stay on it in order to succeed ... Congrats on your sales in WA.

Thanks Apeng. It's true that commitment and persistence is necessary for success in WA as well as for whatever someone wants to achieve in life.

Well done Deidre. Wishing you every success. Beverley

Thanks Beverley

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