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Last Update: March 04, 2017

We all have our individual reasons for wanting to master Internet Marketing. I'd like to take a moment to share with you my "Why".

I have had the same profession for the past 41 years. It has been a rewarding and satisfying career. It was good for my soul and my wallet. It was caring for people as a nurse. I enjoy helping people, giving comfort, hope and encouragement. I also enjoy making connections with great people. Nursing allowed me to exercise my nurture muscle. I loved bedside nursing but I had to give it up because of health issues. Now this is the "Why", I still have to live and I want to live at minimum, in the style I have been able to afford. Of course I am aiming for better. When I am able to create for myself a continual income stream, I'll be able to live my life the way I want to, travel the world, meet great folks and enjoying my remaining days. If along the way I can help, guide, assist, partner with some along the way then all the better. What's your "Why"?

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Klock Premium
Love this. Having a Why is the Major key. With a big enough why any challenge can be overcome. Thanks for sharing :)
AnthonyMLM Premium
Great Why, thanks for sharing
Ladee16 Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read. What's your "Why"?