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March 16, 2018
So, it's been a while since my success post of my first online sale. I've had a few since then and I'm really pleased. However, recently I've felt blocked and have struggled with juggling my free range toddler, life and the online world. There's been times I've wondered what I'm doing and I've really had to have a word with myself to carry on.Perhaps taking on 2 additional domains while trying to establish my original one was too much? Perhaps I just need a spa day followed by a full night's sl
Today I'm super excited to announce I've made my first commission via my blog! Eeeek! Totally had to share it with those who 'get' my excitement. I'm a mother to two beautiful children age 9 and 14 months. It's my intention to remain with them and work online so we are free to travel and learn about the world and not be tied to any one location. We'll be travelling the UK next year to get warmed up. My journey began in late August/September this year. After hours trawling the Internet for guida
So, I've taken some steps back after my last post. Concentrating on building good content which feels good! I'm on Course 3 of the Certification and learning about affiliates and linking etc. There seems to be no advice on affiliates disclosures or the disclaimer we often see on posts where affiliate links appear.Google hasn't turned up anything useful but perhaps I am searching the wrong things. I have looked through some on the training I found here at WA but I am just not getting it. as usua
So, I don't even know why I'm writing this or what i will achieve in doing so but hay ho. But I'm feeling stuck and when I feel stuck I write. Usually lists. This is a list. Of sorts, anyway. It all happened when I stumbled across Yoast. The feedback it gives is really useful but it's stumped me too. The evenings have been spent stressing over SEO Titles and how to create a 'good' one. I'm just not getting it. And what on earth is a slug?! Ranking in Google isn't happening for my posts either,
Hey guys and gals! I'm just completing level 2 of the training and I'm ecstatic! Two months ago I was staring at WordPress thinking "Oh crap... What am I getting into?!" The training here has taught me a great deal. Between breastfeeding my son, educating my daughter and amidst house renovation; I've built a website with content! The best part? I've loved every minute. What I'm saying is: You can do this too. You can set the ball in motion and achieve your goals. My journey is only just beginni