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Last Update: March 22, 2013
Scams are plentiful on the internet, particularly in niches that focus on making money online. The following information will help you to avoid being taken advantage of:

These types of scams are widespread. You will see them in newspapers, on TV, magazines and especially on the internet. There are no quick, easy ways to make money online. Getting rich quick is not going to happen. There are many, many victims of scams who will tell you so.
Think about it this way: If it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true. There has never been a free ride to success.

Work from home online … make enormous amounts of money just typing in data, right?. Lots of people are throwing away their hard-earned cash on typing programs making false promises. You will not make tons of money typing data into a computer. There are legitimate data entry companies but they pay little.

Earn $150 per hour just by completing surveys right from your home! We’ve all seen ads making absurd claims like this. If you can make $150 an hour why isn’t everyone doing it? … because it is a scam.
Most of the people who earn money taking paid surveys generally earn less than $50 a month. Many of these companies charge you $50 to join. DO NOT pay money to take surveys. Don’t waste your dollars.

Don’t get burned by network marketing “opportunities.” Not all network marketing companies are scams but when they tell you “Join hundreds of others who have profited from this venture – you could be the next millionaire! … you should become very suspicious.
If you decide to hand over money to join the company at least do your research and make sure the company is legitimate and not out to scam you. Large numbers of network marketing programs have been removed from the internet because they were fraudulent companies.
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lisae Premium
I joined so many programs and they always claimed the software would make me millions only to get to a page for a upsell, then the upsell would begin decreasing the amount if I tried to log off atleast three times. The surveys interestingly would claim no participation at this time so just a waste of time . You seem so gifted in your blogs. I hope I can become a blogger with info to inspire others. Like you. )
L7 Premium
Thank you, Lisae! Welcome to WA. If you get a little stuck let me know. Maybe I can help.
Shawn Martin Premium
Just pay shipping and handling.....:)
chicago_77 Premium
The survey scam is so lame. It seems they ask you for $50 to sell you a list of places that supposedly pay you $150/per survey. Yeah, right. There are many sites out there that you can get information for free on paid survey sites, but none of them list $150/per survey sites.
MrChimney Premium
If you Google mortgage scams... you will see many banks sold empty trust securities to investors and now the investors are suing in court. Anyone who has a mortgage needs to do an securitization mortgage...deed & note audit. The results would amaze you!