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Last Update: November 13, 2017


please visit and let me know what you think.

I will do the same for one of yours.

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JeffL61 Premium
Liz that is a very well-written, informative and at times truly touching article that you created in revealing your recent life story. It's touching that sometimes at a very low point in your life someone comes along in way to lift you up. This certainly happened to you, Liz! I know that your new husband will continue to take care of you.

Otherwise the article that I had the privilege of reading is a great way to act as the foundation for your website!

Best wishes to your success, Liz!

By the way, do not feel obligated to have to visit my site if you don't have the time. Just meeting you a few weeks ago when you joined WA, I felt felt compelled to go to your "About Me" page when you asked if people would be willing to do so!