We Can Get Through This.TOGETHER.

Last Update: April 23, 2020

I hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy times. These are times that are not only crazy, they are times that come with a lot of unknowns. I wanted to let the community know that we are here for you.

When I think back to when we started in 2005, Carson and I were quite naive to business. But the reality is, we didn't have the level of knowledge we have today when it comes to "life" stuff. We were young kids and we were both eager and young entrepreneurs back then. We lacked a lot of expeirence, we didn't have families, and we were void of many of the personal/business trials and tribulations we have experienced in the past 15 years.

When times have gotten difficult in my life, I have always resorted to the idea that anything thrown in your direction will be a "blip in time". It is temporary. When it is overcome, we quickly forget about just how significant it was.

I also wouldn't undermine the current situation and the impact it is having. It is much different from being stressed out about an exam, or worried about your how you are going to perform in your upcoming job interview. The situation we are in is REAL, it is uncomfortable, but the reality is it is here and we need to deal with it day by day.

We have to take it head on, we cannot ignore it, and we need to look for the positive signals that are deriving from what feels like constant headwinds.

The outcome, as I see it is going to have some economic repercussions. When the world shuts down, people are out of work, and the government and social systems have to step in to help pretty much everyone, then there are going to be some adverse affects.

People have temporarily lost some of their wealth with their investments, businesses, and jobs. The markets have partly recovered, but there is certainly some unpredictability there. The unemployment is still growing, and many businesses are still shut down...many of which are under a lot of pressure. This is a result of people being unable to function as they normally would in society.

This is unknown territory. None of us have experienced this level of economic shutdown and uncertainty about the "coming out" of the shutdown. At times, it can feel like the world is going to end.

But the reality is it won't.

Looking back to 2008, it felt this way during the housing bubble crash and the global financial crisis. It felt this way back in 2000 during the .com crash. And it likely felt this way during EVERY other economic crash in history. They happen, and not to undermine the pandemic taking place, but humanity has overcome a lot of difficult things in history and prevailed. Not just prevailed, but become better because of them. This I feel is going to become one of them.

Wars. The Spanish Flu. The Great Depression. 9/11. And at the some point in the not-so-distant future, COVID-19.

We are going to look back and this will be part of our history. It may also change the way we function in the future, as most events like this do. It is part of our evolutionary story as a world, and as an economy. How it plays out and how we go throughout it is going to be part of the story and if we work together starting now, this story can be a much more positive one.

We can get through this together and we can thrive as a result of the current (and difficult) situation.

Out of every downturn and difficult time like this, comes something that is special. That is ingenuity.

When people have their backs up against the wall and a problem to solve, they tend to be creative. When there is no struggle, there is general complacency. That is how we function. When we "need" something, we tend to act much more quickly on it.

Right now we need a solution to our problems. We not only need to find a way to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the testing surrounding it, but we also are moving towards what might become a new normal. One where we are much more conscious of our health, of the things that matter to us most, and how to thrive and survive within the world of technology that surrounds us.

We need things to do to satisfy our boredom. Many of us are learning new skills and becoming really good at the them. Lots of people have shifted the way they work through technology. Schools have moved to an online education. Parents have become teachers (myself included lol).

Out of this is going to come innovation. In terms of the online world, more people are spending more time than ever online. More connected than ever, using more technology than ever.

People have moved their spending online. People are ordering food and groceries online more than ever. People are utilizing this time to search for solutions to their problems, whether that is health, emotional, home improvement, and gardening. People are inventing new technology and innovating as they DO when their backs are up against the wall.

It is actually a really exciting place to be, despite the interesting problems we are dealing with. As tough as it may seem for all of us at the moment, things will get better.

I have been warmly surprised as to how the globe and humanity as a whole is dealing with this. We are in this together and I am more hopeful than ever.

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speedking Premium
Hi Kyle, yes indeed we shall overcome any obstacle that remotely tries to block our way to achieve our goals ..........with each and every adversity there is a seed of benefit. Wealth Affiliate and its wonderful creative community make an awesome team in that together we shall create solutions to any of life's challenges that might cross our triumphant journey to success!.
Kav Premium
Great post.
I have been forced to teach online using Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams.
Just under 2 years ago I transitioned from doing Bible study (group) offline to online using Zoom. Never imagined this would be the norm.
Now learning to use Cloud Accounting Software as teaching may remain online in future.
This truly a wake up call for all.
BeulahM1 Premium
Very excellent post Kyle. It is so true that people are getting more creative in this pandemic. What I can say is that this virus has its pluses and minuses because some are being more sympathetic to one another's needs and also people are now seeing that we should not take things for granted. This is a wake-up call for the whole world.
FivePillars Premium
You are correct. This too shall pass, but like the other events of import, it will leave a lasting mark.

There won't be a "business as usual" after Covid-19 fades into history. It may take a year or two for true "normalcy" to return... but it will. Perhaps there will be a new normal.

There is always a silver lining, though. We are in the right kind of business at the right time. As even more people move to the web to make their purchases, momentum is on our side. We just need to be thoughtful, helpful, and provide some hope and/or value to those who visit our websites. I think this kind of "paying it forward" will be paid back to us in time. If not in tangible ways, in positive intangible ones. Who doesn't feel good about helping others, even if only in small ways?
joyjoi Premium
Hi Kyle,
Everything you say is so true and I thank you for your words of encouragement. However; for my family, Covid-19 will never be forgotten because it took my stepfather away from us. I know my family is and will push on but for now, we are doing it one day at a time and that is the best we can do.