On this very day, in 2005.

Last Update: September 10, 2016

I remember it like yesterday...

We had just wrapped up the "go live" of our website. We put the final touches on it. We had set-up our payment, had the membership ready to go, had the sales page in place, and..

WealthyAffiliate.com was born! (please don't laugh when you look at our original site below)

When we launched, we were a keyword list service. That's it. We charged $29.99 per month or $359.88 per year.

We provided people with a list of handpicked keywords for PPC a few times throughout the month.

Carson and I were both very successful online as PPC marketers for 3 years leading up to launching WA. We had extensive knowledge Google Adwords, and prior to BingAds.com, Overture.com which was the PPC platform for Yahoo. We knew that we could teach others what we know. The principles, the process, the business.

Our Principles & Ethics Started Off Early

Looking back at our very first site, in the very first paragraph we made the following statement:

"First of all we need to agree on something. Making money on the internet is not easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, making millions of dollars a year and doing it from the comfort of their own home. If you are lazy and are not willing to put in some hard work please leave the site now as this isn’t a scam to make a quick buck."

Even back then, companies were touting how it was so "easy" to get rich quick. Every single one of those companies is no longer in business or they have gone through 10 different name changes and product names and sometimes they even changed their name.

In today's landscape, things have only gotten worse and more and more people are getting taken advantage of on the concept of "getting rich quick". However, we have not changed in 11 years. We teach PROPER, ETHICAL business online and we continue to do so to this day.

Teaching Others What Works, What We KNOW.

We knew if we could create success and teach people the exact process of how to do so, they could replicate our success.

Keywords were a huge component of success back then as they are now. If you can get traffic from relevant keywords, you can build a business online. Exactly the same as it is today, 11 years later (other than the fact there is way more opportunity today than in 2005)

In hindsight, it was an ugly site. Our sales messaging was unclear. We didn't know much about being a merchant at all, we only had experience being affiliates. But we had to learn by doing and we had to grow up quick as a business.

We didn't know what it would become. We didn't know if we would ever have a paying member. We didn't know if it would evolve. We didn't know how people would react to our service.

But someone decided to be the first member. Then we had another. Then another...

Here WE Stand. As a Community. 11 Years Later.

A lot of things can change in business. A lot of things have for us in the last 11 years. We have gone from a keyword list site delivering a few keyword lists per month, to the top recommend and most active internet marketing/affiliate marketing platform in the world.

When we started out we had no idea what WA would become, but keeping "helping others" at the tip of our tongue and as a focus with every update, every evolution, every innovation, it has allowed Wealthy Affiliate to evolve into what it is today.

We have never been stronger as a community. We have never been as elaborate as a platform. We have never had a better vision as to how WA is going to better serve, YOU. You were our focus back in 2005, you are absolutely our focus now.

Here's to the next 11!

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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Kyle!

WA is by far the most ethical and helpful site that I have ever been a part of an I am so honored to share WA with everyone that I know throughout the World.

Congratulations on 11 years and to many more years to come by helping others along the way.

Thank you Kyle, Carson and the entire WA Community,

Andrew-74 Premium
Happy Birthday Wealthy Affiliate! Thank you for sharing this with us Kyle. It's great to see how the original site looked and amazing to hear how this fantastic community started out.

I for one am looking forward to progressing further and seeing what Wealthy Affiliate holds for me. Thank you for creating a place where all of us can hang out!


Barryw1 Premium
Hi Kyle,

I think the original site looks good. Very clean. One thing is for sure, making money online is not easy. Personally I have been at it about 14 months now.

I have had limited success and I'll take it. I am certainly not about to give up and let a little bit of a challenge run me away like a school room sissy. Sooner or later I will get there.

Your and Carson's example of staying with it is one I am happy to follow. The principles and ethics you started with remain in tact today and that is truly the secret to long term success.

Way to go fellas, Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

Kyle Premium Plus
LOL, not sure if your comment about the original site is sarcasm or what, but we have definitely come a LONG ways in the design department.

The challenges in business are always going to be there, we have them every day and it is part of the growing process.

The financial success is a byproduct of your business activities and it will happen. Not at the same rate for everyone, some achieve it much quicker than I did or Carson did, some slower. What I do know is that it WILL happen if you continue to persist.
Barryw1 Premium
Not sarcasm. I like it. Kind of a retro look to it.
AngelBcn Premium
And still standing stronger than ever!

Congratulations on everything you have achieved and thank you for sharing your precious knowledge to all us 'lucky ones' that made it into WA :)

I just celebrated my first year at WA and I hope to be part of this amazing community for many years to come :)

Kyle Premium Plus
It most definitely does. It has been wonderful to have you here for the last year and I only look forward to the years ahead. It has never been brighter!
Chris Lee Premium
This is amazing Kyle. I wasn't around back then but I was circa 2010 and it was also a lot different than it is now.

Thank you and all the team behind this amazing community. You have given me a business that I am proud to work on and make money with each and every day.

I look forward to much more success here at WA.

#MemberForLife ! hahaha

Chris Lee
Kyle Premium Plus
You have such an awesome story Chris and it has been amazing to see you grow and evolve over the years. I know you are just scratching the surface of your longer term potential and the growth stages of business are always the most exciting ones.

WA is going to look a lot different months from now, a year from now and drastically different I imagine years from now. Stay humble, stay true to the roots, stay flexible, embrace change, and work ahead of the curve not behind. :)
Chris Lee Premium
Thank you Kyle. You've been a great mentor in my journey and for that I am thankful.

Looking forward to the future. :)