Why Make Money if You Don't Save

Last Update: July 10, 2016

I don't know about you but sometimes I get so wrapped up in making money I forgot that saving it is just as important.

I made a new webpage for my site titled "How to Save Money". On this page I explore ways to save money instead of making it. The problem lies in when I get obsessed with saving money. It doesn't matter how much is in my checking and savings I still get caught up in it like an addiction.

It starts with turning off unnecessary lights. From there it grows to ways to save gas in the car and at the grocery store. Before it ended the last time I was waiting to the last minute to pay my bills so I would get that much more interest in my accounts and didn't turn on the air conditioner for 2 years.

Those days are behind me and I think I'm getting better now. I promised my wife I wouldn't become obsessed this time.

So, here I am asking for suggestions and little things that you might do to save money. It could be anything from travel to dinner. what do you do or someone you know does to squeeze pennies.


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SadieChan Premium
It is true to say the people tend to spend more money as they make more!
You mentioned many topics where you do not only save money. Primarily you save energy (electricity, gasoline, etc). At first you will notice it in your budget, because your expenses are lower, But you do a favor to your environment (less CO2 production). On single household will sure not turn the stone but there are soo many of individuals. If everyone takes care, nature will get a relief as well.
But it should not turn into an obsession. Just think about your energy consumption and change your lifestyle where appropriate. Just be aware that energy is also a limited resource.
Be also aware about your shopping behavior. Do you consume all the food that you bought or will it end up in your waste pin? This is another issue where you could save money and spare nature from excessive waste "production".
Puh, I sound very obsessed either - that is not my plan. Just be aware about your daily behavior and you could win double.
Good luck and all the best to you.
KWilt Premium
To become obsessed is never the goal. It just happens. Like I said, it is little things that I do to save. Those things then become habits all the while adding new ideas. Before long whatever it is from saving money to building a webpage becomes a passion. Then it begins to dominate my thoughts that trigger actions and the cycle begins. This has always been my nature. That's why I can't think about germs!!!!!! Germs are a quick easy way to see my OCD nature. Clorox Bleach doesn't mind, I could probably double sales.