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Last Update: June 28, 2016

Hello Everyone

I have been a member here for several months now and love the community. There is one little issue that I have.

Taking others ideas

I love that there is a community that you can bounce ideas off of. The only issue is that I have found my ideas in others stuff. People have been taking my ideas and I have noticed other people have had there ideas taken too. I truly do not mind helping out and giving people ideas. Certainly I hope it is not intentional, but it's hard to believe that when things are verbatim,

If You Need Help Ask

Please, If you are stuck ask for help. Don't just take ideas from other peoples blogs and or posts. We all work hard to achieve or goals and dreams of owning an online business. Taking someones ideas without permission is stealing.

Don't Discourage Others

When you take other peoples ideas it discourages them from sharing. We then loose a valuable member of the community. Not to mention the trust of that person. So please do not take from others without asking first.

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KWilt Premium
yes it is an issue. Like I said everyone hits a road block from time to time and needs help. That's what we are all here for is to help. I have no problem helping people get ideas. I don't like it when people take them. We all know it;s plagiarism and learn about it in grade school. I know I was taught about it through out my entire school career. If you use it you must also use a citation and reference the author. Maybe I will do training on how to create a bibliography.
JudeP Premium
Yes, I've also seen this and even seen some pics I use on my posts appear on other's FB wall!
MPollock Premium
Great Post.
BarbaraJP Premium
It's called plagiarism
karagrace80 Premium
Call me naive, but I had not even considered this! I am glad that you posted this. I hope everyone follows your advice! All the best to you!