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December 02, 2016
Hello again everybody! My second to the last semester is finally coming to a close. After taking some time away from WA, I learned many things about myself, and how to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Reasons to build a website were wrong. I thought too much about how much money I would make, and not about the journey to take. Everybody has their own world. Don't compare myself to another person.Stop making everything about myself.I can't control other people. Don't lose track of my goa
October 21, 2016
After taking over a week to find correct images for my niche, I finally found a website that could help me out. Pixabay is a website that is free to use, and free to sign up for. I wanted to spread the word because after spending hours looking for unique pictures Pixabay delivered.
October 04, 2016
Hey Everybody, I figured I would write my progress so far to keep myself moving forward. I currently have a good foundation for my website. I am on C2 L4, and now getting stuck on the scary word "CONTENT". I have a solid direction in my head, but the idea of figuring out how to get fresh news for my website is very intimidating. I feel like I have major writers block. That being said, I am so blessed to have found this community. Although I am paying out of pocket right now, I know it will be