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June 07, 2016
A buddy of mine text me yesterday to tell me he googled my website and it was on page 2. I was pretty surprised for a moment then started to think. Gotta her onto page 1 of Google now. Always nice when someone is looking out for you and let's you know you they saw you on Google. Now it's back to work to get to the first page. Hope everyone has an awesome day!Kevin
June 06, 2016
So many people want instance success. Well it doesn't happen that way. You have to put in the work and co tongue to do so to make this happen. It may be a month it may be six months. Successful people have been knocked down dusted off then came back even stronger. Just needed to get this off my chest because so many people I know keep saying how they want something but don't out in the work to get it. They want to lose weight but keep eating the same. Want a better job but don't go online looki
May 17, 2016
Google has verified my website in the Search Console. So my site is up and running as I continue to add data and update it. Now to get more keywords and some traffic to the site so I can help others as well as make my business and website grow. Thank you for all the help along the way community of WA! Has been a great ride and looking for it to get better. Here is my site. Thanks again!!
May 13, 2016
As I move on building my site and adding new things I find myself getting more and more excited. Adding new post is really make all of this real. All the added information is great and very helpful. Glad I found WA because some people trying to get me to pay high amount of money for their information. So thank you WA and the WA community. Until next time.Kevin
May 09, 2016
Have been on and off for two months now with WA and I have to say I have really enjoyed it. Learning a lot from the lessons and the wonderful people of the community. Hope you have my website up and running here in the near future!Kevin