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Last Update: March 19, 2018

I am so excited to start Bootcamp and am still so blessed and grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate! This isn't work, it is my passion! Of course I have made many mistakes but that is how we learn and with our mistakes we are able to help others. It is a wonderful process!

I have been a member for two months now and have become very busy. I am at the point now where a schedule is a must. As we write new content, complete lessons, answer social media, chat lines, and emails, it tends to get a bit overwhelming. I noticed writing down all the tasks I need to accomplish has been a great help. I create a little check-off box next to each task and after I complete the task, i check it off. It makes you feel like you accomplished something, which you have!

Here are some of the tasks I acknowledge, of course, yours may be different..

  • complete lessons and follow them
  • offer feedback to other websites
  • reply to feedback comments about your website
  • answer emails
  • say hello to new members
  • write content with Keywords
  • advertise your posts on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, google +, pinterest, linkden, youtube, etc)

I am sure there is more to add.. Please leave a comment and provide something we can all follow! And thank you.

We are all in this together..


Kristy Laurel

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GailLowe Premium
Hi Kristy. Good list and thanks for sharing. I like to add a few moments of meditation to think positive thoughts at the start of the day. It's really sets a good tone for whatever you do that follows. Gail
KristylaureL Premium
Ahhhh yes!!!! Meditation Morning and night! I need to get out of the habit of taking my iPad to bed and working. I’ve been doing it since day one. It’s better to get a good nights rest and start fresh in the morning :) Thanks for sharing!