My Past Month here at WA

Last Update: February 28, 2018

I stumbled upon WA out of pure accident! I was searching for a part time job that had nothing to do with my current career as a registered nurse. I was ready for a change and wasn't seeking a job that provided a huge income. I recently suffered a great loss in my life so I just wanted something different. I had no idea what!

At first I got involved with an online company and the more research I did regarding that particular company, the more I kept seeing positive feedback on Wealthy Affiliate. I thought to myself, what is this Wealthy Affiliate? So I ventured to the website and with curiosity I decided to try out the one week free trial. Well, that free trial has turned into a Premium membership (already paid the year price), one website with nine posts, four of which are google indexed, and I just began my second website. I have almost completed the Certification and will soon start Affiliate Bootcamp.

I learned how to post on Instagram, twitter, and google+, and created a new Facebook page in regards to my first website. Most of you are probably laughing to yourself because you have been doing this for years but this is a first for this chica! :)

I absolutely LOVE this! I don't want to call it a job because that sounds like something you dread doing. I can't wait to create and learn and build my knowledge at WA. The community here is more like a family. We all help each other out and the chat room so far exceeds anything I can ask for. I get so many wonderful answers and links to lessons by simply sending a question to fellow members.

I am still not completely sure how to make $$ with the websites. It seems there are numerous routes. I am enjoying the ride while learning and following the lessons which I know will pay off. The joy I get every day now at WA has no dollar and is worth a million!

Thank you Kyle, Carson and everyone here at WA! We Rock!!

Here are my two websites:


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Belden22 Premium Plus
You have a tremendous heartfelt story but what I am so thankful for is how you are engaging here and moving forward, despite your loss.

No one wants to go through pain but you can lean on that to help and encourage millions with your story and your life.

Don’t worry about the money, it will come. Focus on the training.

I have been here 2 months now and I finished the Certification training about 3 weeks ago and immediately started the Affiliate Bootcamp. I just made my first dollar yesterday and it feels great to see the process working.

KristylaureL Premium
Thank You! I appreciate you! I try every day to keep my head up. My son is with me and I feel it!!

I saw your first dollar and it reminded me of my first "half dollar" I made a couple weeks ago. I made a comment to your post.. I have never been so happy about a dollar in my life!

I started my second website a week ago and this morning I received that wonderful email from google that it got indexed! So another happy feeling!

Im excited to start Bootcamp! Hopefully this week.. I just got all my social media up and running and learned where to find the URL's to my individual posts.. lol, I could've done it sooner if I knew where to find them. But, low and behold I found it.. So I am happy.

The best part of WA is the daily/weekly rewards that keep all of us trucking on. We are in it to win it!

If you get a brief chance, my new website is listed below. And if you plan on a vacation this summer, you may find something you like.. possibly your wife and kiddos! It is brand new so quick to browse through :)

Have a wonderful day!
Vrtovic Premium
Amazing story! Just keep learning and success will follow!

KristylaureL Premium
Thank you! That is my goal :)