It's Official

Last Update: March 28, 2018

After a couple months of working with a laptop on my lap in bed, on a TV stand, any table in the house, etc. I finally created an office space! I emptied a back room, got an old heavy wooden desk, and purchased a brand new extra comfy computer chair! It's official!

I am now considered a full-time affiliate marketer. :) Granted, I have been working with my websites full time since I started but knowing my hubby prepared this for my makes it real. He realizes I am not going anywhere and knows how much I enjoy this career. This is exciting.

Getting yourself organized is super important for success! Having a daily plan and following it makes things run smoother and you end up not wasting time. Now, I can pin my daily plan to my board right in front of my computer. Easy to see so no excuses.

This is a short blog. I wanted to share my excitement with you and for any newbies out there, create an organized space now. It is soooo much easier and makes the day run smoother.

Thank you,


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MKearns Premium
Now that's organization Kristy!
KristylaureL Premium
Awwww thank you! Now I never leave the room :) What a difference! I’m so grateful...
skendrick4 Premium
Wow! You are really in business now! The CEO with an office!

KristylaureL Premium
I need to see the CEO dollars!
eloake Premium
KristylaureL Premium
Thank you!