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January 20, 2016
To those who have taken the time to help me out: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!So, I am in a group of people that help eachother out. HOW AWESOME!!!!! It is great to know that you can become part of a group such as WA.I have made mistakes along my path as others have. I am trying to create a lifestyle for myself and my family that allows me to focus on what is important to us instead of wether or not we have enough gas to put in the car to get to payday.I believe th
January 14, 2016
So, your domain name should set the tone for your web site. This should be the "theme" so to speak in plain languge and give your site life. It should also be something that says who you are as it's owner and make it stand out from the rest. I understand these principles. What I need to know is....Is there a creative person out there that can help me with my domain name. The way I understand it I should be able to link and host all my websites on or in my domain. So, everything I am putti
January 12, 2016
I posted my first WA link!!! Big success for me!!! What one person does without thinking....another has to learn!!! Go team!!Another step done....I have purchased my own domain...what a frustrating experience for my first time around the block! ! Thanks to all who helped me!!!
January 02, 2016
I am new to the community, and looking to learn. I want everyone to know that I do enjoy being successful, but more than that I do enjoy teaching and seeing others gain success. If there is ever anything I can do to help anyone out....I'll be there for you to the best of my ability.