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I'd like to share with you how excited I am today. My site is on the first page of Google! I have been very surprised, when I saw 'organic search' in Google Analytics.
November 21, 2013
Dear Friends, I'm back after a few months interruption. The beginning wasn't very successful, but I "don't settle". Today I published a page to my renewed site and I need your help to improve it. I'm not a native speaking English person and I will be glad to know your notes about my writing. My place is here Thank you for stopping there.
June 07, 2013
I'd like to share with you the beginning of my first article and I am glad to know your opinion. Here it is! My story today is about Bulgarian Rose. I live in a beautiful area called "Valley of the Roses" . This is a place in the middle of Bulgaria between too green mountains and the name comes from the rose bushes cultivated here. There are 200 kinds and more than 18000 variety of roses in the world and the Bulgarian one is ‘Rosa Damascena Mill.‘ Rosa Damascena is cultivated in
May 16, 2013
I'm here already a month and I'm glad to say that I have my site ready. It was easy to create it thanks to useful tutorials in the WA. And then..... I continued to read and learn details. I started my notes for next posts and started to analyse the site. Here was my little disappointment. The site is not so bad, but nobody visit it! I received some nice comments /thank you!/ and after then .. silence!. "Did I miss something?" - was my first tought. I started to look for analytical tools