Today I am greatful for.

Last Update: January 18, 2017

having my dog Kiss in my life, this was her 1st day at the beach.

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Goson Premium
Soooooo cute .
Lilika84 Premium
I love it!
Thanks for sharing :)
MPollock Premium
Nice, cute family member.
MKearns Premium
My cats do the same for me. Great post!
KiwiGeorge Premium
Thanks Mike
Techiescot Premium
Wonderful. I adore my dog and wouldn't be without her. I get such a welcome when she comes home. What kind of dog have you got? She looks like she might have a bit of a mixed background ... Boy? Girl? Puppy? Would love to know more.
KiwiGeorge Premium
Yes that photo was when she was just a pup, still one of my favorites though, so thought I would share it today. Her latest pic is on my profile she is now 2 years older.

She is a Scots Boarder Collie, born and bred here in NZ,