Day 6 I am grateful for :

Last Update: January 23, 2017

Being able to improve my ranking from 645 to 338 !!! 307 places in the last week...only a few hundred to go now!

Yes I know.....need to spend more time actually building out my site!

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Lilika84 Premium
Great job George! You are getting there ;)
sylviaO1 Premium
great job george....keep it going
debzo Premium
Good job George, but don't get too focused on rankings here unless you're just here for comradrie. I'm pleased you're grateful though, it's s great mindset :)
KiwiGeorge Premium
I may just be able to reach a level of some earnings from promoting WA, just going to see what I have to do.

I need a small amount of funding to cover some everyday living costs.
MPollock Premium
Nice work
kikij Premium
Wow, 307 places in a week is really impressive!
KiwiGeorge Premium
Thank you, I thinking it may get harder as I go forward, just fortunate to hit a good downhill patch!!