Sick Days & Working Full Time

Last Update: October 02, 2015

Hello again. It's been a week! I am still working full time & trying to keep up w/ WA courses. Then out of the blue i get hit w/ a virus that knocked me back for almost 3 days! Ugh Ugh Ugh!! I suppose I need to adopt Scarlett O'Hara's saying from Gone w/ the Wind of "tomorrow is another day" & just keep on truckin'.

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HowardJaros Premium
Hi Kitty! Hope you feel better! Sometimes a virus is the body's way of saying slow down for a few days.

Right now just focus on your lessons and your website. That is what may eventually make you money.
KittyC Premium
yes Howard you are correct. I am dusting myself off & getting back on the horse! Thx for the well wishes :-)
StefanC Premium
I also got sick 1 wee ago, had to ask 2 days off... it was great because I stayed all day and night working on my computer lol
KittyC Premium
hope u r feeling better. I was too sick to think! Feels good to have my brain back at last :-)