Last Update: September 19, 2015

Hello everyone! Just finished the first course YAY!! Am still weighing out the decision concerning going Premium. Have been reading lots of fellow WA members thoughts on this which has been helpful. For too long I have just dipped my toes in waters & now I think it's time for a cannon ball! How can I lose? If I get nothing but a good understanding of how this IM world works I still come out ahead. I suspect I will get far more & look forward to helping others achieve their future goals as well.

Thanks to all for your assistance & encouragement :-)

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HowardJaros Premium
Hi Kitty!

If you are looking to build something that will be there for you when you finally get a chance to go full time in an RV, then this is the place to be! I have been at WA for over a year and the website is starting to create a consistent income.

It takes a lot of initial effort and time for things to get going, but if you keep consistently working at it using the teaching here, you will succeed!
MayN Premium
Hi Kitty, I can assure you if you apply yourself and interact with the members here, you will definitely learn about Internet Marketing and the training and support is unlike anything I've seen elsewhere. I hope you do go Premium. See you on the other side :-)
KittyC Premium
Thx May :-)