Finally could find my site ranked 3rd on page 8.

Last Update: July 09, 2018

Upon selecting my niche I didn't know much about the competition I was in. My first choice was a niche about gifts, but Kyle advised me to narrow it down so I decided to focus on rare gifts. I thought this wasn't as competitive (lol).

After publishing my site I was shocked to find out that there were over 12 million pages on google using the narrowed down version of my keyword and there was no way I could find my site on the first 50 pages even after some of my articles getting indexed.

That was a bit of a downer, but the upside of things was my domain keyword was kind of unique and I could find my domain on page 6 a month ago and now I am ranked first in google and yahoo search as far as the domain keyword is concerned.

Today I decided to try searching my site using my keyword niche given that 7 out of 9 articles of mine are now Google Indexed. And there it was! Ranked 3rd on page 8!

That might not sound so exciting but given that I am on page 8 out 12,100,000 pages, I know that's really great and I am sure with a few more articles my position will improve.

What do you guys think about my position?

Any ideas on what I should do now I know my position?

What were your experiences?

Would love to hear from you all and please follow me and I will follow you back!


The fact that I know where I am and I can see my competition, the game is now on!

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AngieKitts Premium
Be hopeful you will rank number one. Soon.
Godsmack12 Premium
That's so awesome. You should be very proud next you'll be ranked 1. Rock your success.