Keyword, Niche and Market Research
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Keyword, Niche and Market Research - Classroom Overview
Research is critical to the success of any campaign. If you can understand the concepts of researching…
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How should I specify my niche?
Is doing cooking tools as a niche too broad? I want to build a website around cooking recipes and a…
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A jaaxy and bing question. why ranking not show in jaaxy?
I have been wondering for quite some time why Bing shows that I am ranking in a position under 10 but…
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Is video game character creation a good niche?
It seems ok to me, but I would like anothers perspective.
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Don't know quite where to go with jaxxy . . .?
My site is going to be soft-style martial arts and different equipment ( weapons, staffs, etc. ) plus…
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How to form a domain name, for my niche of diabetes?
How do I come up with the name for my Domain name My niche is on diabetes
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How do I register my domain?
How do I register my domain
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Is there still a way to research globally?
When I enter a search such as a keyword into the Chrome browser it provides information related specifically…
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Why won't the jaaxy scan counter reset?
I took a break from WA several months ago and now I'm back as of yesterday. I noticed the scan counter…
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How to register my domain?
Now that I'm premium how can I register my domain
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How does the keyword icon work in jaxxy?
When I click on the keyword icon in Jaxxy it just retracts and won't let me enter a keyword.Has anyone…
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Repurposing an old domain name a good idea?
I have an old domain name that uses my first and last name. Years ago i was able to get approved for…
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Can I use jaaxy in my lao language?
I have another Jobsite and I would like to create content that Google will love those content. Can I…
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Do I have to register a dot com domain?
Do I still have to register a dot com domain for my website to rank on google?
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Do I have to register a dot com domain? will it rank well?
Do I still have to register a dot com domain for my website to rank on google?
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How many keywords I target for each article?
Hello WA community!How many targeted keywords such I aim to target for in each article? I understand…
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What is your preferred wp theme?
What should I seriously consider when choosing a WP Theme when developing a Niche website?
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What is the right way to use keywords with images?
Hey guys. I've been told it's a good idea to put my keyword phrase within an image in my posts.Just…
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Help with finding a profitable niche?
Hey guys so I feel like I’m really struggling at the first real hurdle, I can’t think of…
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Why is jaaxy always tells me to upgrade?
When ever I go look for site ranking why does jaaxy tells me to upgrade?
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What is the best avg, traffic and qsr combination on jaaxy?
Hey guys. I love Jaaxy. I use it for pretty much everything online. My eBay sales, website titles, Google…
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How far can I stray from my niche?
My niche is Laser Hair Removal. Can I stray to subjects like Skincare and Amazon favorites???X- Iris
3 weeks ago 7 Replies
What is "keyword bidding"? what is "keyword bidding"?
HiI recently came across in an affiliate program guideline that they did not allow 'keyword bidding'…
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How do i interpret jaaxy.?
... when my results are like this: Key word/phraseStaying healthy in hot climates AVG=<10, TRAFFIC=…
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Keyword research rule - what keywords to choose?
Hi. Wealthy affiliate community. I wanted to ask a question that I always find myself asking all the…
3 weeks ago 6 Replies
Why can't I find any good affiliate programs affiliate programs?
I'm having a really hard time finding affiliate programs for my niche, computer monitors. I'm only finding…
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Should I go with the jaxxy results or seo results?
While editing my blog, I noticed at the top of my page results from an SEO Headline Analyser and AIOSEO.SEO…
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Harm in keyword phrase too long?
Is there harm if your keyword phrase is too long? I have tried shortening but they make no sense when…
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Has anyone used canva of late?
Hi EveryoneHas anyone used canva of late? For the past 2 days I can't work on canva. I can log in but…
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Affiliate programs for legal niche?
What are the best Legal Service affiliate programs? I.e. Accident attorney, class action lawsuit attorney,
3 weeks ago 9 Replies
Mind is a blank, article idea help please?
Hi guys! Back from vacation and my mind is a blank! I was hoping you wonderful people could help get…
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When i do keyword research in semrush ?
I have to pay attention more KD% to have less number?And do i have to pay attention also on Related%?Thanks
3 weeks ago 4 Replies
Which keyword search engine can use if I am in italy?
Hello I am in Italy is there anyone who can suggest where i can do keyword search?My content should…
4 weeks ago 6 Replies
Should I mention that I have affiliate links in my posts?
I've seen many creators mention that they have included affiliate links in their posts and that it would…
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Why jaaxy lite is asking for upgrade when using search rank?
I want to use site rank but it is asking me for upgrade, but when I used site rank to type a keyword…
4 weeks ago 7 Replies
Can anyone help answer niche questions for my website?
This question is for anyone out there willing to give me feedback as I start to narrow down what I would…
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Am l making mistake on my blog?
I am running two websites here, and they are;1, kcmakingmoney.com2, modernbibleinterpretationunderstandinghermeneutics.comIn…
1 month ago 5 Replies
Do keyword research tools really work?
I heard from a good source that keyword research tools do not work, shouldn't waste your time with them.…
1 month ago 9 Replies
I have a ranking question?
Hi Kyle,I am trying to pick a good niche, and I have somewhat of an Idea of what I want to do still…
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I was wondering if i could get some help on what to write for the article using your keywords?
I need some advice on working on the keyword rich content. i started the template for the article using…
1 month ago 4 Replies
New site or stick with old one?
Hi all, so I have just done some SEO research on a particular topic I am interested in pursuing, and…
1 month ago 8 Replies
Is my niche too broad?
So I am about three quarters of the way through the training now and I suddenly got worried that my…
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It seems impossible to get a dot com domain for my golfing niche ?
doing keyword research on my niche (Golf) but never seems to be able to locate a dot com domain using…
1 month ago 7 Replies
How to find out the real google search result number?
Hi,I'm choosing the keyword to create my first post.On jaxxy the keyword I'm interested in has a QSR…
1 month ago 13 Replies
Why is jaaxy's brainstorm section outdated? other tools?
If I go to the brainstorm section of Jaaxy, all of the trends are from 3 years ago. Why is this?Also,…
1 month ago 2 Replies
My niche idea. is it even worth trying?
I came up with a niche for my fist website. And thought i should get some feedback about. Is it even…
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How do you use the "keywords" box in advanced seo tab?
In my websites SEO settings theres the "advanced"tab which has a box to enter keywords. Im just wondering…
1 month ago 3 Replies
What if my title is too long?
So I have a couple titles that exceed 60 characters.How important is this to SEO to stay under 60?The…
1 month ago 15 Replies
Need clarification on jaxxy keyword search?
Hi, can anyone go over how Jaxxy keyword search works, or the training we got on this subject. Some…
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How to create a keyword list on jaaxy?
How can I create a keyword list in Jaaxy?
1 month ago 9 Replies