Keyword, Niche and Market Research
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Keyword, Niche and Market Research - Classroom Overview
Research is critical to the success of any campaign. If you can understand the concepts of researching…
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I am stuck in 2018, why am I so lost?
Well, this is embarrassing. So I am stuck on bootcamp phase 2 lesson 3, task 3 where I need to come…
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Is this niche too broad ?
Is Marijuana paraphernalia too broad a niche or would glass pipes be a better choice ?
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Is a website based around backdrops and photo booths enough to start?
I was going to make my initial website based on photo booths, props, and backdrops. Do you think its…
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How do I choose a niche?
Hi Kyle,I really enjoyed your case study on Organic Milk and had a good read through of your blog around…
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Regarden traffic search and qsr, avg, and traffic?
I see it recommended that QSR should be 100 or less, while AVG should be over 40 or 50?What about the…
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The title with text is above 60 char (seo title)?
Should i remove or shorten the site name from the SEO to get better place to the keyword text, or is…
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How to add affiliate sites to your website?
I just finish the first part of just not sure if i miss the section or it still hasent been…
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I still have no access to jaaxy? anyone know why?
No access to Jaaxy.. It wants me to make a starter account for 30 days??
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What if my niches cut across many sectors?
If I can use one brandable domain for whatever I wish, what if my niches cut across many sectors e.g…
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Is anyone using google tags manager?
Hello everyone!Is anyone using Google Tags Manager? If so, is it worth installing or not? There are…
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How do I choose a certain niche?
Hi Kyle,I am looking to draw from your wealth and experience in regards to building a website around…
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Can you help me decide on a domain name?
My niche is CBD Oil or Cannabidoil. The title of my website is going to be "Cannabidoil Connect" with…
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How to monetize and blog that is for self help?
My niche is self help so how do I monetize and make money
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How does everyone choose their domain names?
I always attempt to get my keyword into the name in a logical way, you?
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Does the review post have to target a keyword with "review"?
I would like to shift from informational posts to product reviews of different yoyo models(that is my…
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Ho do you feel about pinterest business account?
Would you recomend Pinterest Business accoutnt or just regular account? Why. Thank you Vesna
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Which is better keyword according to avg and qsr?
Wondering about this. Which keyword would be better to use? I have1. Avg 4195 - QSR 1312. avg 72 - QSR…
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Should I build another website?
So my first website is a niche website and is almost 3 months old. It’s only getting 10 traffic…
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Does keyword ranking differ in post sub headings vs.?
Does our keyword ranking matter if we use our keywords in the paragraphs of our content, or if we put…
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Is there any value in using 2 or 3 similar, targeting words?
I remember in the training when Kyle recommended we choose one single keyword for each post. However,…
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Legality of a website name?
Hello all! I wanted to ask about website names. My website that I just purchased last night is…
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Did you find success in your passion niche?
Just wondering for those members out there that are using their passion as their niche if you all found…
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How valuable is jaaxy seo ranking?
when search for keyword I've found results where one has an SEO rank of 99, Traffic =11 QSR = 6 and…
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Delete website to start over?
It seems I’ve created several websites trying to improve it. Can you delete them and start over?
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I have a question about "invisible" keywords?
While doing research on my competition, I discovered that the keywords that they rank for don't necessarily…
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Key word content writing trouble?
My niche is army mom, I'm have writers block as to what to talk about. Any ideas of where to start?…
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Niche that promotes different articles on a specific sport ?
At the beginning of the training I thought I had an amazing idea of niche because of the example Kyle…
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Is my website name to niche specific?
I am taking the training in Level two and all of a sudden I am thinking that my Website name is to Niche…
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Qsr and meta description versus title?
I have a longtail keyword with a QSR of less than 100 and average searches of 8000 but when I do a keyword…
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Can I change the name of the website?
I am at the beginning of building my website and already had selected the name but I'm thinking it's…
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Jaaxy keyword rating. irrational quality indicator?
HelloIt is a pity I can not attach a picture to my question. My point is, that keyword with 8 times…
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How do I use hashtags in my posts?
I saw somewhere that it helps to use hashtags in our posts but I can't find any info on it. Where do…
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Can I use the same keywords on more than one post ?
Is it ok for me to use the same keywords in the title header , in more than one post on my website?…
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Is it okay to put links in my post?
When I am doing research and making use of data or info I have gathered for my post if someone wants…
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Changing permalink after several days?
I found few long hanging fruits and add it to my title. But I also add something more in title. So my…
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Do we add keywords on pages?
Can I include keywords upon creating a page just as I do on posts?
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You can make silent money from football?
Who knows about football betting arbitrage here. It is also called sure betting because regardless of…
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Is anxiety and depression a good niche?
I really want to help more people suffered from neurosis. however I have not established the bridge…
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Hey everyone im looking for a little help with my niche?
Hey evryone,I just wondered if i could get some advice from you. i have decided to choose wellness as…
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How do i enter seo keywords?
Hi I have noticed my posts don't have any SEO keywords against them , how do I change this and enter…
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Should I start a new blog or continue with my current one?
Hello WA Community!I'v been working slowly but steadily on my hiking blog for the last couple of years.…
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How do u find th google search console?
How do I find the Google Search Console?
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How to work on high potential keywords related to location?
Hello, everyone. Recently, I found a great keywords which has many search, high traffic and low competition.…
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How do I use keywords properly?
I've been very much enjoying the program at WA. The lessons break things down fantastically and I am…
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Is it true nobody wants to buy ebooks these days even at $1?
I'm asking this for a second opinion...I asked a question on social media, Facebook specifically, if…
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How often do you use low hanging vs high hanging keywords?
High hanging keywords may bring you readers, but you are competing with more sites that use that keyword.…
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"wealthyaffiliate" in our domain name?
Are we allowed to have "Wealthy Affiliate" in our domain name, such as ""?
1 week ago 7 Replies
Something catchy and a brand or keep it simple?
I live in Medicine Hat Alberta CanadaI am about to build a website and do social media marketing for…
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Teachers and learners niche - do I need two websites?
Hello WA team! I want to market to both teachers and learners in an education niche. Do I need two websites,…
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