Need Help I'm Stumped on this one!

Last Update: July 30, 2018

So I have this question that I haven't been able to get the answer too and instead of typing it all out again I will show you the linked.

Anyone with experience in ads plz help. I cannot find the answer anywhere I need the URl for the page that a referral sees once they actually sign up for free.

This is not in the training as far as I can tell.

I need this to track who actually signs up through the ad that Im using. Its not an ad thru one of the major ad services that people here use.

If I use just my custom sign up link I only see who visited my sign up page but not who actually signed up. This is my assumption am I correct?

Okay so I've exahussted all my options heres the link! PLZ HELP

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RAFStuart Premium
Unless I have miss understood your question, all you need to do is got to the dashboard, click the dollar sign, top of page on the right, this will give a drop down menu, click my refferals and it should detail who has done what.
Hope this helps.
kevinv91 Premium
nope but thank you for the comment. Many have given me that answer but it is not the one to my question. I have been told that the info I'm looking for doesn't exist within WA. Pretty much Im looking to track the URL for a type of thank you for joining page so I can track conversions who exactly signed up with WA because of the ad Im promoting.
RAFStuart Premium
Sorry Kevin, in which I have not got a clue.
kevinv91 Premium
Its all good thank you for the help