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Hello again! So today I just wanted to ask everyone about something I have been thinking about the last couple of days which is local promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.Have you done it? Did you see any results (any that you were aware of that is)I know the internet is has a never ending pool of people and once you have an established site this type of promotion might seem irrelevant to some but I still wonder if it has been done and if it can be done with positive results.One thing I was thinking
So I have this question that I haven't been able to get the answer too and instead of typing it all out again I will show you the linked. Anyone with experience in ads plz help. I cannot find the answer anywhere I need the URl for the page that a referral sees once they actually sign up for free. This is not in the training as far as I can tell.I need this to track who actually signs up through the ad that Im using. Its not an ad thru one of the major ad services that people here use.If I use j
Hey everyone so if you don't know like I didn't you can get banned from writing here at W. A for a few different things. One of them being if you happen to put affiliate links in any of your blog posts even by accident you will get banned. "most likely". This is what happened to me. From what I found out if 10 people flag your blog post then you are instantly banned. If you write a popular blog po0st one day and many see it then you will most likely get banned if you make the same mistake as me
Hello everyone. I have questions for all of you familiar with PLR products. I just got 5 free downloads out of the blue and was able to choose any 5 products to download that I liked. Usually in order to get the decent new ones you need a premium membership to a PLR site which I do not have. Anyways I picked out some decent ones and my main question is what have you the experienced affiliate marketers here done with plr. I have a lot of questions and figured this would be the best place to reac
So the other day I made it to page one position 2 then page 1 position 1 for a specific post of mine. For the very first time I made it on page ! and I was very happy and wanted to share my progress with the community here so I did. I knew in doing so maybe someone here might copy the post idea or something like that so I just asked in the blog post for them not to but I knew I was taking a chance. Anyways not even a day later I was bumped all the to the middle of page 2 which was upsetting to
Finally I made it on the first page of Google and on the number 2 spot no less. I know it's not a huge accomplishment in the grand scheme of things but it is a step in the right direction. This is my second month here and I'm in a very competitive niche for this site, trying to promote Wealthy Affiliate is what I built the site around. As many beginners in affiliate marketing know it can be very difficult to get ranked for Wealthy Affiliate (At least for me it is).My post is on affjobs an affil
Hey everyone I'm still fairly new here and just changed my theme the other day. After changing I was looking for a few hours on how to edit certain things in the twenty seventeen theme. Mainly I was trying to add a side bar to my homepage. After a few hour I finally came across an article about a plugin that adds a sidebar for the theme twnety seventeen but I found something much better! While searching for the plugin I camer across something called Options for twenty seventeen. It is a plugin
Please Join Marketers Lounge Community Everyone Is Invited!!!Hello to everyone here @ WA i proudly ask you all to join my newly made community over at Google Plus. We all most likely have memberships there by now and some may not use it that much or find it difficult to reach people on that platform. That is why I decided to create the marketers lounge for every marketer no matter how new or advanced of a marketer you are. Our community relates much to what is done here at Wealthy Affiliate in
May 21, 2018
I Took This from my new website what do you guys think? Yay or Nay?In truth many Americans are worried and they should be. A lot of us ask why do I hate my job. Do not feel guilty because you have plenty of reasons to hate your job and it's not your fault. We are all just part-time servants (employee) to our masters (employer) when it boils down to it. Most of us can't survive for a month without a weekly paycheck, so we live in fear and obey our bosses at all costs no matter how bad our jobs m