Rockin on Day 5 of my challenge

Last Update: August 03, 2018

Ah, that moment when you find you made a stupid mistake months earlier that is biting you in the butt... It can be frustrating for sure. I had that moment recently and am paying the price.

I affiliate my own products on Amazon. I have over 1200. I have nice pictures of them I use on Amazon. So, of course I uploaded all those pictures to my site and used them as my product pictures here. Then came the speed slow down when my catalogs were trying to load.

Yes I loaded my images and ran them through the compression on my website but my files were huge. Several megabytes per pic. The solution is simple but very time consuming. I ran all my pictures through an online compression program which allowed me to change the picture size also. MY files were created at 11 x 22 inches as that is always the size of my product. My designs are my product so those hi res images were based on an 11 x 17 piece of artowrk. Well, I don't need anything near that large for the web. So, I was able to reduce the size and compress them and they ended up on average 90% smaller. Yea!

Except, now I have to go into each product once on each of two plug ins to change out the pictures...easy enough but I have to spend more time waiting for my admin pages to keep up with me than actually working. OH, and yes, I have to do over 1000 products twice.

Well, live and learn. I have been focused on my challenge and while I have been bored to tears doing this, I have committed to a certain number beiing done before lunch and a certain number after lunch. I have hit my goals each day and by the end of the 30 days, that project will be completed.

Well, back to it.... I My hope for each of you is you don't make thos emistake that bite you in the butt later. May you each experience great productivity today and see your prosperity growing soon.


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