March Forward

Last Update: August 02, 2018

And still I march forward. Yesterday my determination wavered in my 30 day challenge. Today was a struggle to get up. Yet, I DID push through. My checklist has and is getting accomplished each day. I am moving forward despite myself lol.

I have already seen some small results. Other results I haven't checked. One of my tasks was to NOT check daily progress. I want to analyze and disect but at this stage those tasks don't move me closer to my goals. I must stay focused, I must stay on track.

You can do this to. Remember your goals. Ask yourself before each task if it will move you closer to your goals. If not, ask why you are doing it. Some things must get done. Some things can be put aside.

I wish you each a productive and focused day.


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Stella2 Premium
Hey Kevin;
Awesome for getting yourself on track and staying there!

If you're like me, I do most things in spite of myself! Lol
But, as you said, the main thing is to get up and keep going.

All the best to you,
Stella :-)
Kev-dogg Premium
Thanks so much Stella