Challenge Getting Easier

Last Update: August 07, 2018

As I am in the second week of my 30 day challenge, I find the going getting easier. I work down my task list in order for the most part. However, some times I just don't want to do something at a particular moment. Instead of that being completely distracting, I just go back to my task list and do something else. Eventually I am willing lol to do what I skipped. My tasks don't really matter when I do them as long as I make consistent progress each day on them.

Focus and consistency are my trouble spots. I have so many things going on there is always something important to do. So, I only focus on the vital. My task list is vital. If I get my list done each day, nothing else matters. If I can do more, awesome.

May you all have focused and consistent efforts out there.


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FreyaM Premium
Those are my trouble spots, too, but I’m working at it, and just keep moving forward.