Should I Start a Home-Based Business - Why Not?

Last Update: April 07, 2018

I am sure that many of us have pondered this question at one time or another. If you have given serious thought to the possibilities, then I ask, what are you wating for as many people are taking the plunge?

The following questions would be pertinent in
arriving at your decision:

1. What would it cost to start?
2. Do I have what it takes to start?
3. How much time would be required?
4. What training would I have to get to
5. Are there training platforms to assist
me in this regard?

As luck would have it, there happens to be such a place that can provide solid answers
to the above questions. It is known as
Wealthy Affiliate, with a community consisting
of approximately 1.4 Million active members
worldwide. I happen to be a member and I will
gladly answer your questions.

a. There is a FREE TRIAL available
to allow you to time to try it out.

b. Requirements: Computer Internet
access, telephone and a burning desire to
build your business to secure your families'
financial future.

c. The time required is up to you as
the more time devoted to your business
usually translates to business success.

d. After joining, you will be exposed
to a worldclass training platform that will
assist you on your journey to financial security.

There are so many benefits to becoming a WA
member that it is hard to describe in this short
post. However, I strongly urge ALL WA members to get the word out to their audiences
and offer them the same opportunities that
each of us have.

Finally, here is another ideal chance to
Pay-it-Forward and introduce the World
to what they are missing!!!

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KenPe Premium
Hey Mary,
Thanks for reading, commenting and the like. I am just trying my best to get the word out.

marmar463 Premium
Great post, says it all in one swoop great job.

5-qpq Premium
Well done! Becky
KenPe Premium
Hey Becky,
Thanks for the comment and the like.

Maine3623 Premium
Really addressed the FAQ that most people have when considering taking the plunge of building an online business, great job Ken,

NiteshMistry Premium
if you would have asked me this 12 months ago, my answer would have been "no", the thought of some of the questions went through my mind and to be frank scared the hell out of me and my brain said "no you cant do this". fast forward 12 months, thinking about my life and career, coming across WA and reading around that no has turned into a yes and a possibility of turning a dream of working from home and for myself is a possible reality. I know there is hard work ahead and what I put in now will be reaped moving forward.
KenPe Premium
Hey Nitesh,
That is a great post. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply
and appreciate the like. You have described the individual that I
was referring to. There are so many future WA members out
there wondering about a path to financial security and is just
primed for their opportunity to find out how to start. At WA,
we have the Platform, Community, Organization and the
resources to allow for their success. Plus, FREE to start and
$49 per month for Premium is one of the greatest bargains on
the PLANET!!!