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Hello, to you that want to make some money online,

Firstly I always had the dream to become a welder and then a internet marketer, in that order. I put it in that order because I was broke at that very moment and I could not afford anything, not even a laptop to get started.

People who know me, know that I am a hard worker. As I started to grow as a person, I always looked out for wisdom. Also I am a very excited person about things of interest. When I first started here I had no clue on what I was doing. It did not take long before I caught on on to internet marketing. The thing about internet marketing is it takes time to build on. I know for a lot of people, time is mostly used towards what they think is important to them.

When I finally started internet marketing I had a full time job, and my time was used towards things I thought that were important to me. I then came to the sense that if I do not make continued action towards internet marketing it would take me a long time to learn what needed to be learned!

Overtime my determination to succeed kicked into overdrive and I knew what was important then. I knew what I had to do then. Once you get to that point you will know what you need to do. I want to let everyone know that whatever you focus on, you will become!

Since I joined, I have seen success in many corners of the internet. I now realize that I still have a long way to go. With all that I have learned, I am going to turn it into something that can help others. That is what I see right now. The most important thing to do is to take action right now!

Now fast forward to 2015 I am making money online consistent and it is only getting better with time. So my advice to you to start now and don't worry you got 3 years to figure it out. That sure does sound better than spending a lifetime figuring out working for someone is back breaking. :)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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deeprekha Premium
Thanks for following , you will find lot of help around to be successful.
kendrick Premium
Thanks Deeprekha! Help is always helpful!
GaiC Premium
Thanks for the follow, looking forward to connecting here are WA. All the best for your IM future. Gai
kendrick Premium
wecome and thanks. i wish you the best as well:)
Ulli2 Premium
Hi Kendrick, thanks for following me. As I’m also new to WA there’s lots to learn, but it seems to be a great online community with like minded people. Great to see you here and congratulations on joining and to your success in the future, Adrian :))
kendrick Premium
hey! welcome to you as well! wish you the best on your journey here!
Both of you definitely made the right choice. WA is Wonderful. Best Tip...sign up for Jay's "Wabinars" on Friday evenings - tons of info. Also, the "Chat" area on your Dashboard is a great place to ask questions. Welcome again!
kendrick Premium
ECAffiliates Premium
Hi Kendrick,
WA is the coolest thing I have found off the net so far as well. There is a ton of information and it's amazing how much results you can achieve in the beginnings. I always was interested in Website and well getting pretty good at it.

Anyways wishing you much success and remember any questions ask away in the live chat.
kendrick Premium
Hey Ecaffiliates,
I sure do have tons of questions about WA.