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December 15, 2014
Consider these wise words from Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds." He was absolutely right. When you’re looking to achieve some goal, there is no outside force that can hold you back. “Fate” isn’t keeping you from meeting your goals. Strange coincidences and circumstances aren’t keeping your goals at bay. And as hard as it is to believe sometimes, not even other people are holding you back – unless you are giving them permission
Good Evening All, I just bought a new domain name for a new site. The niche is highly competitive but has a huge audience. I spent hours on Jaaxy today looking for great keywords. I found a 4 word keyword phrase with results of 538,665/91,572/296/75. Not bad! So I went to NameCheap and found out that a domain name using those keywords was not available with standard extensions; like .com, .org, .net and .info; they were ALL for Sale to highest bidder. They offered me a domain name with my ke
Been a good weekend ... two more Premium signups! Nice way to start the week! Have a Great & Productive Week! Joe
July 14, 2014
Cheers all, Joe
June 30, 2014
"I feel richest today! Today is the only day I have. The past is gone, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow." Angil Tarach Ritchey Have a great week everyone, Joe
June 28, 2014
No, I'm not talking about WA ... this is my family. Last night I decided on a "dot com" name for a new website in a very narrow niche. Jaaxy says 1230/210/81/93 not bad. And the "dot com" is available (per Jaaxy). I put it in Google and nothing appears. So I slept on it and awoke with the idea that this is a go for me! This morning I went to NameCheap (and others) only to find out the domain was not available but for sale. I was directed to what looked like a broker's site asking for an offe
June 23, 2014
"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Eckhart Tolle Author Have a great productive week everyone! ~Joe
June 20, 2014
"There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or out. There's no such thing as a life in-between." Pat Riley Professional Basketball Coach Have a great weekend all! Joe
Happy Monday! An important thought to remember... ~Joe
"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure." ~Jack Lemmon