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Last Update: Apr 9, 2020

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Speak Positive Affirmations Of Gratitude -

See It, Believe It, Think It, Speak It, Plan It, Work It And You Shall Achieve It!

Do You Really Understand The Words That You Speak And The Influence They Have On You And Others?

What You Speak Is What You Think. What You Think Is What You Become.

How you talk to yourself, about yourself. Is impacting yourself more than anything. This is all within your control. What you feed you mind will make a home in your head. Change your bad habits and negative mindset into a growth mindset with positive thoughts. What you believe, you conceive!

You must protect your two eyes and your two ears from what is allowed in. Those around you and how they are adding or subtracting from your life really matter. Please turn off the tv, the media and the drama of social media from taking over space in your head in such a negative way. You must only allow in what you truly want out of your life. Speak what you want into existence. It may not happen overnight, but it can and will most likely happen in time. When you start telling yourself what you want from this life. Your mind starts to figure out how to get it for you. Our mind, body, and soul are a very beautiful system and we are in full control of our person!

Use Gratitude Affirmations to help mold your mind and start to see your life in a different way. Train yourself that you can do it, have it, get it, and make great things happen within your life. This is your one and only life to live. Make the best of it and create it into a life worth living.

I am so happy and grateful for the life I have.

I am beyond blessed that woke up today, many did not have this privilege.

Thank you for giving me another chance to make my life better today.

I am so grateful for all the people that have in my life.

I am so grateful for this loving, beautiful, healthy body I have; that continues to get stronger every day.

I am so grateful for the work I do now, for many are jobless.

I am so thankful that the universe is working for my greater good.

You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less. Please try to always be the brightest light and add positive value to other peoples lives!

Please comment & share some of your Thoughts and Ideas.

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Recent Comments


Fantastic post and this is definitely something that EVERYONE struggles with at some point in life.

Thanks for the post!


Thanks For Reading!

Have A Great Day!

👍🏼 Speaking it is a great start to gratitude.

Thanks for the reminder. CQ

Thanks for Reading!

Have A Great Day!!


Thank you for your post. You are absolutely right. During a time like this, I really hope more and more people wake up realizing that they should be grateful for JUST THAT. Be alive for another day.

Worry and fear are just bad habits we need to get rid of because they are detrimental and clearly indicate that you do not trust in a higher power. We need to trust that tomorrow will bring what should bring for you.

Let us use this time to work on each of us. I think this is why the whole world has literally come to a complete halt.


Yes, Correct.

Have A Great Day, Cynthia!

You too:)

It's interesting how a thought can become a theme for the day. Just this morning my wife was telling me not to be so negative, not to say negative things to myself. She didn't say it as well as you just did, but she tried.

Thank you for being so uplifting today!

Your Welcome! Thanks For Reading!

Have A Great Day My Friend!

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