My Niche Real Life Test

Last Update: December 07, 2013

Today my daughter asked me a question. Unbelievably it was in line with my niche.

She wants to get her daughter a cellphone for Christmas........what up front price......can we add it to exitisting I need to go with a seperate plan............All of the usual questions.........

But what really hit me and what came to my mind is what I have read from so many others; "You need to tell your potential customers how you can fill their needs".

I have been here since end of October 2013 and have read so many posts, comments, and followed the training and see the same message. I have read other articles on the subject, and the message is the same " You need to tell the potential customer how you can help their needs ".

Unfortunately I haven't been following that piece of advice. I have been more worried about creating content, visual look, and all the time thinking about adding links to monetize, while missing the mark.

I am not the atleast the expert, but after hearing this question presented to me today, I have been rethinking my position on the whole affilitate marketing business.

Pick you niche, something you have a passion about. Write content to address a need or present information that can aide and help whoever is viewing. Sell them on the idea you are presenting.

It was an eye opening moment for me.

How about the rest of you? What are your eye opening moments or as we all like to say these days, "AHA moments."

Thanks, Ken.

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baietti Premium
Thanks for this article, I totally agree, you have to find how to fill a customer needs, as my idea grows, I am going to be developing a health and wellnes site while I go to school for my personal trainer certification

I am hoping that will be a fun combination, real world application while studying to get certified

Best of Luck
kbyer Premium
Thankyou for the reply. What i always see and read is that we need to be focused on the needs of our audiance. Thanks.
baietti Premium
No problem, I think the more you focus on what you like about the product and why you find it useful, I think you will always attract people because you are talking about something you know and like