First Month of 2019

Last Update: January 17, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Members:

With any year, there are great days and not-so-great ones. This is the first month of 2019. Also, there can be productive months; and months when you forget your talent to be creative. Believe me, even the greatest writers get stuck at times. So happens with the greatest creative projects, it's part of learning.

I have benefited from my time here at Wordpress University (just my term for WA). I don't want to go into bad times or complain about how busy I am outside of this website academy. Today, I wanted to emphasize the learning curve; and that most people need a break now and then.

The last month I have not ranked well in the community! I most probably did better when my enthusiasm peaked, in September or October (I joined in August, I think).The feedback I enjoyed the best and tips I have gotten from other members. Sometimes even with being able to ask the site owners, some of the best advice- comes from people who will be happy to help from the thousands in the rankings; and they might have great, or helpful feedback about the stage in the Wealthy Affiliate program you're in at this time.

Not too much for this first writing attempt! I think I will end here, until the creative urge strikes again!

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Wdcope Premium
I understand how hard it is sometimes to blog or find something to write about. I am retired from the 9-5 and older than yourself, yet I draw from experience and things that I enjoy speaking about. Several ways I get more creative is to speak to text, and you will find this helps overall when there is writer's block. You discuss each with friends many things that you could blog about. Perhaps write that down or take notes on your thoughts and you will be surprised how that opens up the topics to share.
Let me know how that works for you.