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October 01, 2017
One of my pages is ranked on first page of Google and i am so happy i want to share this with you! Just wanted to say to everyone reading this, Jay's trainings are very very helpful and they are the best! There is always something new to learn and personally i should be watching more of those! Happy Sunday everyone :)
January 14, 2017
OK. So i created this profile in October 2016 and worked on it in November 2016 when i had a gap month out of work. I've made a lot of progress in little time (created my website, added content, added GA, got indexed by Google, created a Bing ads account etc.) And then in December work started again and holidays came and i completely left it behind. But i am convinced that WA is a great place, worst case you learn and best case you also make an online profitable business. Even though i was away