A New Beginning

Last Update: March 31, 2017


Hello! I am writing this blog to start off my new journey in WA. I will be pursuing the goal of making money as an entrepreneur online. Something I have long been passionate about but not yet succeeded in. This blog will be the story of my journey here and I hope to be able to read it back one day as I am sitting in my mansion, by the pool, sipping a margarita. Just kidding! I really hope to be able to read it back someday so that I can be proud of what I have accomplished here and to share that knowledge and success with others.

To start I just signed up for premium and have been watching training videos. I think I have my niche pegged down and am hoping this video can be the clarification I need!

Here we go!

P.S. My rank is 2353 - I have a goal of being in the top 100!


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adaba063 Premium
don't forget the margarita!

follow the training, and master it, one step at a time

yes, you will stumble, yes you will fall, but that is how you learn to walk and then to run

all the best,
AGOgden Premium
Don't worry...you'll get there...just keep at it!