"Don't Be Lazy"

Last Update: January 25, 2013
Ok, so this is my first blog ever. I have always struggled with putting my thoughts into words but I know I am going to have to learn in order to be successful at internet marketing. I will never forget what my tennis instructor's famous saying was "Don't Be Lazy". So maybe I have just been lazy and not taken action. Well as of today that has changed!!

Thanks to finding WA and it's amazing community I believe I now have the resources and training to build a successful internet business. Now I have no excuses. For me this is not a horse race. I plan on taking my time. Even though I just recently joined WA I have upgraded to Premium because I really believe it is so worth the monthly subscription. Thank you Kyle and Carson.

So my journey begins today. I plan on starting everyday with the phrase "Don't Be Lazy".

My first 400 words of content will be difficult but I am going to do it!!

Happy Friday and a great weekend to all!!
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Everisingsun Premium
Cool post!. I am so thrilled to see you taking action Kathy! - I too found writing difficult...now I know it was merely a mental 'block' for me...I now see writing as my affiliate partner to internet success. Thanks for sharing!
KathyS Premium
Thanks Frank.
FrankLiso Premium
A journey of a thousand miles is made one step at a time. Good to have you here and glad you started your journey.
KathyS Premium
Thank you:)
kathyjf1530 Premium
Great start, congrats!