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Something happened to me this morning that made me think to myself; "Do these people really value the advice that is given to them by other members of this platform? Or do they just think, "Hey, this is just another piece of bull regurgitation!"I am not bashing, but it made me wonder briefly.Briefly enough to write a blog post on it. LOLBut the story went like this: a fellow member (bless his or her soul) PM me to ask for advice on how to make money on here, the challenges that may be faced as
Whenever you feel alone, or doubtful, or just plain ole defeated on this journey to online business success, sometimes all you need to do is just drop the ball, step back, take a breather and assess the pros and the cons of the situation.No one said this journey would be easy (at least I hope not! Because you would have just been SCAMMED!) but we ALL have gotten to a point, at some point, where you have to weigh whether it makes sense, or if it benefits us more to just give up. CALL IT QUITS.Es
What is your Pinterest strategy?Do you pin manually, or are you one of the many who rely soley on scheduling tools such as Tailwaind for populating your Pinterest boards?I personally haven't gotten around to Tailwind as yet (a choice I'd like to remain, for now at least) since my websites are new and can run fairly well with me just manually pinning, but who knows what the future holds—especially once my websites take off and I may not have as much time on my hands.But debating which pinn
I have arrived!I have been waiting for so long to be able to say this! You wouldn't even know the half of it.However, today (with near tears in my eyes) and a MASSIVE grin on my face, I can sit here and type those words!PREMIUM, I HAVE ARRIVED!And you better believe that I plan on staying for the long haul.*yaaaaaay!*I want to express my struggle and my journey with WA so far, but now is not the best time (I'm at work and cannot afford the pleasure). I do plan to publish a part 2 though, so if